A tattoo artist from London is offering free tattoo removal of Kanye for his regretful fans. What could be worse than this for real Kanye lovers?

On November 15, London-based Naama Studios said on Instagram, “We’ll remove your Kanye tattoos for free.” It was done because Kanye West, the rapper and music mogul, was criticized for making a series of antisemitic comments in public over the past few months.

The tattoo parlor even made fun of the rapper’s brand association by introducing a service logan: “Yeezy comes, Yeezy go.” However, some of Kanye’s fans are calling this act a publicity stunt, whereas some of them are still poking fun at him by writing “Who would ever get a Kanye tattoo anyway?”

Speaking to The Washington Post, Naama Tattoo parlor said: “We understand that tattoos can be triggering for some people and not everyone can afford to remove their tattoos,” the company told The Washington Post in an email Thursday. It noted that one of the people who took them up on the offer said she was being trolled for her Ye-inspired tattoo.

London-Based Tattoo Artist Offers Free Tattoo Removal of Kanye West Over his Antisemitic Remarks

The store said several people have contacted it in recent weeks to have their Ye tattoos lasered off — a procedure that can cost up to 2,000 pounds (about $2,400).

Kanye, who has been making headlines for the past few months recently shocked everyone by raising allegations about his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian having an affair with Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul

Additionally, after a few hours, Ye disappointed a lot of people by leaking chats and tweets of Twitter CEO Elon Musk. However, in response to his tweets and hate speech, Musk removed Kanye’s Twitter account earlier Friday.

We don’t know why Kanye is doing all this drama and how long it will continue, but all these things are making a big impact on the rapper’s huge fan base and hard-accumulated fortune.

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