It’s always the same conundrum every Halloween. October goes by quickly, and in the last week, you’re left rushing to acquire a fantastic costume that will wow your whole group. Not this year, though. No, this year you’re planning ahead of time to avoid having to beat the rush at your neighborhood costume shop. And it’s now simpler than ever to discover the ideal look with our selection of the top men’s Halloween costumes.

Your only challenge will be deciding which of the many designs we’ve included to wear. You might take the humorous approach and dress up as a brilliant pun that will make people chuckle. You might choose a simple pop-culture-inspired Halloween outfit. Alternatively, as you undoubtedly already know, it’s never too late to arrive dressed as your preferred superhero. The options are genuinely unlimited, particularly if you want to make your own costume.

Oppenheimer Halloween Costume

best halloween costumes for men

An Oppenheimer themed costume is the way to go if, like everyone else, you’ve seen the #1 biopic of all time. Naturally, you may DIY this appearance, but everything you need, including his K-6 ID badge, is included in this kit.

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Joel from ‘The Last of Us’ Halloween Costume

best halloween costumes for men

And now for what might be the simplest ever homemade costume project for guys: Joel from this year’s The Last of Us. You’re pretty much set if you have a decent bag and some layers on.

Dr. Strange Halloween Costume

best halloween costumes for men

A beautiful costume doesn’t have to break the bank. For example? Our take on Dr. Strange requires nothing more complicated than some kitchen rubber gloves, a cheap cape, and gel.

Top Gun Costume

This is your chance to dress like Maverick or Rooster if you missed the opportunity to do so when the sequel was released last year. Either purchase a costume from Amazon or make your own, like the one you see here, by purchasing some overalls and patches.

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Mario or Luigi Costume

best halloween costumes for men

This year, dressing up as one of the brothers is especially appropriate because of the recently released film. You can purchase a plethora of costumes or, for a more subdued look, use a red or green shirt and matching cap, as seen below.

Blade Costume

best halloween costumes for men

Blade: Even though Trinity was released many years ago, this style is still relevant today. Accessorize it with a vest and some leather pants. Just make sure you master the amazing moves of the Blade.

Sammy Davis Jr. Costume

best halloween costumes for men

Go ahead and honor one of the greatest vocalists of all time if you believe you are cool enough to do so. Just make sure you work on your baritone and wear a lot of gold costume rings.

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Gomez Addams Costume

best halloween costumes for men

You can’t go wrong with one of the smoothest movie characters ever, whether the family is still searching for a solid idea or if you’re seeking your own Morticia. Extra? You’re almost there if you have a suit.

Elvis Costume

best halloween costumes for men

The King is a popular choice for Halloween more than ever because of Austin Butler’s performance in the Elvis biopic from last year. There are several costumes available, however, because of its excellent fit, this one has the best ratings on Amazon.

Bridgerton Costume

When you arrive as Bridgerton’s Simon Basset, make everyone swoon. Simply get this shirt and wear it with a coat and your tightest pants. Oh, and don’t forget his mother’s brooch.

Dots the Clown Costume

best halloween costumes for men

Nothing is simpler than putting on a jumpsuit and leaving the house. Fortunately, that’s exactly what this clown suit is! Add your own face paint, huge shoes, and a rainbow wig to finish the ensemble.

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