In order to be completely informed on the genre, “Fairy Tail” is one of the must-see classics. Simply put, it’s one of the most popular shonen series in the world. But Hiro Mashima, the manga’s writer, finished the series in 2017 before going on to another project the next year. He followed up “Edens” with “Edens Zero,” which was released in 2018 and received generally excellent reviews; it now has a strong 7 on Myanimelist’s fan ratings, falling behind “Edens,” which has a 7.6 rating.

In 2021, “Edens Zero” received its own anime adaptation, animated by J.C. Staff, despite the manga’s lack of critical acclaim. Prior to its August 26th international release on Netflix, the first season premiered in Japan in April. Now, “Edens Zero” followers are eagerly anticipating Season 2. In the meantime, here’s what we do know about the film’s upcoming release date, cast, and storyline:

When will Edens Zero Season 2 be released?

edens zero anime season 2 release date

A second season of the “Edens Zero” anime has not yet been announced by Netflix, JC Staff, or Kodansha (the publisher of the “Edens Zero” manga). There is, however, a good likelihood that this is merely a short-term phenomenon. “Edens Zero” has previously been broadcast in Japan in part of what is anticipated to become Netflix’s Season 2. This means that after “Edens Zero” episode 24 is finished, fans will be able to watch Season 2 without waiting for the new episodes to be translated and dubbed into English.

Season 2 of “Edens Zero” is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime in early 2022, taking into consideration the time difference between the anime’s Japanese and international releases.

“Edens Zero” manga, on the other hand, has gone well beyond what the anime covers, so there’s plenty of material to keep the show going beyond Season 2.

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Who are the characters in Edens Zero Season 2?

edens zero anime season 2 release date

To break away from “Fairy Tail’s” solely fantasy environment, “Edens Zero” offers a sci-fi and fantasy fusion adventure through the cosmos aboard the ship’s name. The Edens Zero is the setting for the majority of the show’s main characters. Gravity-defying youngster Shiki Granbell (Takuma Terashima/Sean Chiplock) and his friends set out to discover a space goddess known as Mother (Takuma Terashima) (via IMDb). Rebekah Bluegarden (a B-Cuber, a space-age social media influencer) is the first person Shiki is introduced to.

Happy, the mystical blue cat (Rie Kugiyama/Tia Ballard) that served as Rebecca’s companion previous to meeting Shiki, joins them on their journey. On top of that, the series also features Weisz Steiner (Hiromichi Tezuka/Brook Chalmers), a group of androids known as the Four Shining Stars, Homura Kogetsu, Shiori Izawa/Sarah Anne Williams, and a slew of others.

Season 2 is likely to bring back many of these people if not all. As for what new characters Shiki will meet on his travels, such information has yet to be made public to foreign audience members.

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What is the story of Edens Zero Season 2?

edens zero anime season 2 release date

“Edens Zero” manga is currently a long way ahead of the anime’s story progression, as we’ve already established. Because of this, you may want to read the manga to get a head start on Season 2 before it airs (assuming the anime stays faithful). More specific spoilers are available due to the fact that the episodes have already begun showing in Japan.

As of this writing, the final episode of Season 1 of “Eden Zero” on Netflix covers the manga’s “Digitalis Arc” up to Chapter 31. This quest to identify the other Four Shining Stars members will be the focus of episodes in Season 2. However, they are in for a bumpy ride, as not every Shining Star is exactly what they hoped for. It’s unclear if they’re allies or foes, but the dangers they’ll face as they travel through space are definite.

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