Fans will finally be able to spread the fever to “Dragon Ball Super Season 2” since “Dragon Ball Super Season 1” has succeeded to become everyone’s favorite. Due to fan passion, the Dragon Ball Franchise became a huge success in the anime business.

Because of the cheerful conclusion, fans are eagerly anticipating the continuation of season 2, as they want to see more Goku-Vegeta action.

What Speculation Regarding Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Have We Heard?

According to Newsweek’s reports, the pre-production for the upcoming season of episodes began in September 2018. To avoid the issues with the animation quality of the first season of the show, the production began ahead.

According to the source, the person who drew the character models for the first Dragon Ball Super: Broly film would also do the same for the sequel.

However, when the rumor got to the Toei Animation studio, they immediately disregarded it. Toei Animation’s Media Representative David Syatt then emphasized that no episodes are currently being produced.

It might be the case because Toei Animation is now working on other mythical action shows like Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, which will have 12 episodes. The start of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has also been mistakenly cited in the speculations as the product’s release date.

Nevertheless, there are many grounds for optimism that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will go ahead.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Will Is Going To Get Renewal in 2022?

Florence Jay Dominguito of Toei Animation was featured in the new “Dragon Ball Super” official website in May 2021. For the past 20 years, Florence has collaborated on a variety of “Dragon Ball Series” projects with Toei Animation Philippines.

Florence is questioned in the feature article about his goals and ambitions for the “Dragon Ball” franchise’s future.

Added Florence, “As a fan, I’m eagerly anticipating more films and products. The new anime that will continue Dragon Ball Super also excites me.”

It appears that this is a hint that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is actually in the works. Since this was a machine-generated translation, fans should treat the news with caution.

“I’m also excited to see if there will be a fresh continuation of Dragon Ball Super TV anime,” the animator actually added, according to Japanese translator Ken Xyro.

There is a brand-new “Dragon Ball Super” film.

Fans still have a new reason to rejoice even though Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is still unconfirmed. This year saw the release of a new Dragon Ball Super film.

This was announced back in September 2021 on the anime’s official website. In June 2022, the movie came out. Watch the “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” trailer down below.

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