Zombie anime has become increasingly popular over the years, captivating audiences with its unique take on horror and supernatural elements.

The 10 best zombie anime

In this article, we will explore the top 10 zombie anime series that are a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

From thrilling action-packed stories to emotional character arcs, these anime will keep you engrossed and craving for more.

10. Highschool of the Dead:

This series is a well-known and beloved entry in the zombie anime genre. With its combination of supernatural elements, ecchi horror, intense action, and gore, Highschool of the Dead takes place in a zombie apocalypse where a group of high school students fights for survival. The series offers a thrilling blend of suspenseful encounters and character development.

10 best zombie anime

09. Tokyo Ghoul:

While not solely focused on zombie anime, Tokyo Ghoul incorporates elements of the undead to create a dark and gritty atmosphere. Set in a world where ghouls, human-eating creatures, exist, the protagonist, Ken Kaneki, finds himself turning into a half-ghoul after a fateful encounter. The struggle for identity, survival, and the moral dilemmas faced by Kaneki make Tokyo Ghoul a compelling watch.

10 best zombie anime

08. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress:

In a post-apocalyptic steampunk world infested with zombies known as Kabane, humanity fights for survival aboard armored trains. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress follows the journey of Ikoma, a young engineer who becomes infected and discovers a way to defeat the Kabane.

10 best zombie anime

This zombie anime series combines intense action, visceral animation, and a captivating storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

07. School-Live!:

School-Live! takes an intriguing twist on the zombie anime genre by setting the story in a seemingly normal school. The main characters are a group of high school girls who live at school and carry on with their daily lives while concealing the truth of a zombie outbreak.

10 best zombie anime

This series masterfully balances cute slice-of-life moments with intense suspense and psychological horror, delivering a unique and emotional viewing experience.

06. Zombie Land Saga:

Bringing a fresh and comedic approach to the zombie theme, Zombie Land Saga follows a group of idol girls who are brought back to life as zombies to save the Saga Prefecture’s declining tourism industry. With lively characters, catchy music, and a healthy dose of humor, this series offers a unique blend of zombie horror and idol culture.

10 best zombie anime

05. Gakkou Gurashi! (School-Live!):

Gakkou Gurashi! is another anime that cleverly combines the slice-of-life and horror genres. The story revolves around a group of girls who live at school after a zombie apocalypse. However, one girl copes with the trauma by imagining a peaceful school life, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. This series delves into themes of survival, friendship, and the power of hope.

04. Is This a Zombie?:

Is This a Zombie? takes a comedic approach to the zombie trope. The zombie anime story follows Ayumu Aikawa, a zombie who lives among humans and works with a necromancer to fight supernatural beings. This anime is known for its humor, eccentric characters, and outlandish situations, making it an entertaining and lighthearted option for those looking for a different take on zombies.

10 best zombie anime

03. Sankarea:

Sankarea introduces a blend of romance and horror to the zombie genre. The series follows Chihiro Furuya, a high school student fascinated with zombies, and his encounter with Rea Sanka, a girl who becomes a zombie. As they navigate their unique situation, Sankarea explores themes of love, loss, and the boundaries of life and death.

02. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness:

Based on the popular video game franchise, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is an animated series that brings iconic survival horror elements to life.

10 best zombie anime

The story follows Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they uncover a conspiracy involving a zombie outbreak. With thrilling action sequences and a gripping storyline, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness offers a thrilling dose of classic zombie horror.

01. Gyo:

Gyo is a horror anime film that combines elements of zombies and grotesque sea creatures. Based on the manga by Junji Ito, the story revolves around the sudden invasion of fish-like creatures with mechanical legs that relentlessly pursue humans. Gyo stands out for its unique and disturbing visuals, creating a chilling atmosphere throughout the film.

10 best zombie anime

10 Best zombie anime: Conclusion:

These 10 zombie anime series and films offer a diverse range of storytelling approaches within the genre. Whether you’re looking for intense action, emotional character arcs, or a comedic twist on zombies, there is something for everyone. Prepare to be captivated, thrilled, and sometimes even emotionally moved by these incredible works of anime that explore the depths of the undead.

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