Not only have the reviews for the first season of the Aoashi anime adaptation been overwhelmingly positive, but there is also a wealth of material from the manga for a second season.

Not everyone is interested in watching anime based on sports, but among those who do, Captain Tsubasa has long been regarded as the best football (soccer) series.

However, after airing Aoashi for the preceding two seasons, that show has been dramatically dethroned by many sports anime enthusiasts. Sadly, the series will end later today.

Aoashi has not been officially renewed for a second season as of the 24th episode’s airing, but fans can remain optimistic in light of the high average review scores and the abundance of the available source material.

The Second Season of Ao Ashi: When to Expect It

Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date Is Predicted To Be Announced In 2023

Even if the second season of Ao Ashi is greenlit, it won’t likely premiere anytime soon.

In its first season, Ao Ashi used content from somewhat less than half of the original manga and anime. In theory, the second season of 24 episodes is doable, but before announcing a manga translation, it is best to make sure there is enough material.

Weekly updates keep fans of the Ao Ashi manga satisfied. Since this is the case, a new adaptation may not be announced until the manga has accumulated enough material.

Clearly, one can look into other possibilities. In theory, Ao Ashi season 2 may consist of 12 episodes. This length is more typical and would facilitate quick adjustment.

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However, the average time between an adaptation being announced and the anime actually showing is about a year. Since there has been no official word about a follow-up to Ao Ashi, and if there isn’t any substantial development happening behind the scenes, we probably won’t see one until late 2023 at the earliest.

It’s possible that Ao Ashi will have a film adaptation, just like the ones that have been revealed for Haikyuu and Slam Dunk. However, those are well-established sports anime series, so a change like that for Ao Ashi is highly unlikely at this time.

The Second Season of Ao Ashi’s English Dub on Crunchyroll

Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date Is Predicted To Be Announced In 2023

The first season of the English dub for Ao Ashi on Crunchyroll was made available on April 23, 2022, just a few weeks after the series premiered on April 9, 2022.

Some of the key cast members of Crunchyroll’s Ao Ashi dub are as follows:

  • As Ashito Aoi, Requiem for the Rose King’s Richard Ciarán Strange
  • Tatsuya Fukuda, played by Eric Vale (Trunks in Dragon Ball Z Kai)
  • Hana Ichijo is played by Marisa Duran (Lou/Louise in SHADOWS HOUSE Season 2)
  • Noriko Aoi is portrayed by Monica Rial (Bulma in Dragon Ball Z Kai).
  • Blake McNamara as Shun Aoi (Seth Rich Cutter from Appare-Ranman!)
  • Cosplayer Kim Morton plays Kogure
  • Nanami (Meg McClain)
  • Playing the role of Sawa is Kelsey Maher.

Crunchyroll will likely announce the release date for the Ao Ashi Season 2 English dub after the season has already been broadcast in Japan with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

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Aoashi Season 2 anime TV spoilers

Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date Is Predicted To Be Announced In 2023

The Tokyo Metropolitan League has started a whole new season. Ashito was beginning to doubt himself, and Tachibana was beginning to lose faith, as they faced an unbeaten opponent. But now Ashito has scored a goal and shown himself to be a playmaker, and that opponent has been defeated. also, he’s now an Esperion A!

Ashito’s A Team also includes Ootomo, Kuroda, and Togashi. Ashito is confident that if he can gain notoriety in this city, he will quickly sign a deal with the top team.

Ashito is cautioned, nevertheless, to initially set more realistic goals during his time in the A-League. Ashito has lofty goals, but the Esperion A squad isn’t called the “strongest” for nothing, and he needs to work hard every day to achieve even his modest goals.

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However, Togashi, Ootomo, and Kuroda are also having difficulty. Team B is struggling to keep up with Team A’s impressive performance. Although Ashito makes an impression when attacking, his defense is a mess.

Ashito is taken aback by the unexpectedly high caliber of the competition, but he is unfazed and tries his best to keep up with them. Ashito works hard and is rewarded with a spot on the bench for the next Premier League round for Esperion A.

Can Ashito realize his aspirations?

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