Jenna Ortega is the American actress who rose to fame with her Netflix series “Wednesday”. She received tremendous appreciation for her role as the gothic, fearless member of the Addams family. Ortega started off her acting career as the younger Jane in the CW comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin. She acted in a few TV commercials and Disney shows as well.

Jenna was well loved for her role as Wednesday. The character having a short lived love affair in the series which ends when she finds out her love interest is a monster. She is also seen having a tense realtionship with a classmate who keeps expressing his interest in her.

Jenna at the Golden Globe Awards in 2023

Jenna’s Boyfriend in Real Life

After watching the chemistry and the almost love-triangle in the show, fans are curious about Jenna’s real life beau. Who she is dating? and for how long? Are few of the many questions people keep asking. Everyone is wondering as to how is Ortega’s dating life offscreen.

There have been quite a few speculations about Jenna’s boyfriends in the past years. But, there never has been any confirmation from her side.

A snippet from the "Chapstick" music video

Jenna has been linked with several stars in the past. One of them was Asher Angel, after attending the Venom premiere together. The rumors were strengthened after they both attended Just Jared’s 7th Annual Halloween Party as Ariana Grande and then fiance Pete Davidson.

After appearing in the music video of the song “Chapstick” by Jacob Sartorius in which she was seen kissing the singer, rumors of her and Jacob dating were spread.

Fans had also briefly linked her with Isaak Presley, her onscreen brother of the Disney show ‘Stuck in the middle’.

The Wednesday star had developed special friendships with her cast on the sets of the show. But, she especially grew fond of her co-star Gwendoline Christie, who plays Principal Larissa Weems on the show. During an interview for TV Insider, Gwendoline passed the mic to Jenna, to which Jenna said, “Thank you very much, woman. My woman. I love you,” and followed with, “Sorry, that might be disrespectful, but that is my nickname for her, because she’s my wife.”

Jenna with Gwendoline

Jenna About Her Boyfriend

There have never been any confirmations on the many guesses of Jenna’s love interest. In a February 2019 episode of the Just Between Us podcast, hosted by Bailee Madison and Kaitlin Vilasuso, Jenna finally addressed and falsified all the rumors by stating “According to the internet, I dated like six guys, [but I] dated none of them.” She made it quite clear that she never really dated any of the rumored guys.

The You fame actress has stayed more private after that and it is clear that she really values her privacy. She is 20 years old and is yet to have confirmed a boyfriend. But, she has accepted having crush on the former president Barack Obama. She stated that  “I was obsessed with him. I watched the inauguration with goo-goo eyes on my face.” She had also written him a few letters which alas went unreplied.


So much for the excitement, it is clear that the 20-year-old star is currently single and has never dated anyone publicly. Still, we all are curious to know who will be the lucky man to woo her heart. Hoping for her to find someone soon enough.

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