Though “Too Hot to Handle” season 3 couple Holly and Nathan didn’t win the show but they grabbed a lot of attention while being in the show because of their great chemistry and were quite compatible with each other.

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The couple was together for quite some time, and soon after the show ended, the couple was seen enjoying and spending a lot of time together but what really made the people to think was the question that Is the couple still together?

Nathan: Too Hot to Handle season 3

The 24-year-old Nathan Soan from “Too Hot to Handle” season 3 is a South African model and business management student. Netflix describes Nathan as “Cape Town’s most notorious party animal who sweeps up the girls at every event he attends”. They also say: “This fun-loving, free spirit has the gift of the gab and can talk any girl into his bed.”

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He currently holds a total of 406k followers on Instagram and is quite famous amobg the youth.He also do a lot of collaborations and brand promotions and earns from it.

Holly: Too Hot to Handle season 3

Holly Scarfone joined Netflix’s widely watched dating show “Too Hot To Handle” season 3. The 23-year-old is a psychology student from North Bay, Ontario, and also works as a model.

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Holly is very active like any other social media influencer.She has a huge fan base of 782k followers on Instagram.She shares a lot of pictures revolving around her lifestyle,travel and makeup.

She is seen doing collaborations and brand endorsements and earns from them and is seen to be living a good life.

Too Hot to Handle season 3

Too Hot to Handle season 3 premiered on January 19, 2022. It is available on Netflix and was filmed amid the COVID-19 pandemic on the Turks and Caicos Islands, right after season 2 wrapped.

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The season welcomed 15 hot and glamorous contestants who were fighting to find the best match for each other. Harry and Beaux were winners of the dating show making Nathan and Holly the runners-up

Also, know Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Arrives with 10 Hot Contestants

Holly and Nathan: “Too Hot To Handle”

Holly and Nathan

The two couples remaining at the end of season 3 of Too Hot to Handle: Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond, and Nathan and Holly were quite good during the whole season.

Nathan and Holy even said “I love you” which was a clear indication that the couple was going pretty well with each other and the people were also very fond of both of them.

The couple even went back with prize money of $90,000 for the prize pot.

Are Holly and Nathan still together?

The answer is No. During the reunion, Nathan and Holly confirmed they had split due to distance and Holly’s busy schedule as a college student. Despite the breakup, Holly told Us Weekly that she has “no regrets” about her relationship with Nathan and how much money they spent.

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