Ashley Olsen, a former TV star who is now a high-fashion tycoon, wed artist Louis Eisner in a secret Bel-Air residence last week, according to insiders who spoke exclusively to Page Six. We’ve heard that on December 28, there were barely a few dozen attendees.

Uncertainty surrounds the ceremony’s specifics, but a source told Page Six that “it went late with roughly 50 guests overall.”

Eisner and Olsen have been dating since 2017, but they keep their relationship very discreet and don’t often go out together.

Even last September was their first time sharing a red carpet-appearance. The party was for Young Eisner Scholars, a charity that Eisner’s father, attorney Eric Eisner, who once served as president of the David Geffen Company.

Lisa Eisner, a jewelry designer and former West Coast editor of Vogue, is the mother of the groom.

The Row fashion designer was seen holding a knife along a hiking trail in a rare photo of Eisner’s girlfriend that he released last year. Eisner, 33, and his girlfriend were trekking together.

Olsen, 36,’s representative remained silent. Mary-Kate Olsen, Olsen’s famous twin, and fellow “Full House” actress and fashion designer, was probably present. Her divorce from her financier ex-husband Olivier Sarkozy was finalized last year.

We reported at the time that the couple wed in Manhattan in 2015 during a celebration that was infamous for having bowls of smoke. In May 2020, Mary-Kate formally filed for divorce from the French banker.

Elizabeth, who is also a famous actress and plays the superhero Scarlet Witch in “The Avengers” movies, is the sister of the Olsen twins.


It appears that Ashley Olsen, a former TV star turned fashion designer, recently married artist Louis Eisner in a small, private ceremony at a Bel-Air residence. The specifics of the ceremony are unclear, but it is thought that there were around 50 guests in attendance.

The couple has been dating since 2017 but has kept their relationship largely out of the public eye. It is unknown whether Ashley’s twin sister and fellow actress and fashion designer, Mary-Kate Olsen, was present at the wedding. Mary-Kate finalized her divorce from French banker Olivier Sarkozy in 2020.

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