Good news for all you lovers of St. Valentine’s Day! The 2023 Valentine’s Day shoe collection from Converse has been released. Some of the company’s most iconic sneakers have been given a romantic makeover for the holiday. Confession: they’re too cute to handle.

If your significant other enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day and is always in a romantic mood, this set may be perfect for them. This is a wonderful present for female recipients who like the feminine touches of red and pink embroidery and details.

What could be more appropriate for Converse-obsessed loved ones than a pair of Converse from the Valentine’s Day line, which can be further customized with bespoke text embroidery and modifications to their design and color? A few of our favorite Valentine’s Day pieces are shown below.

Valentine Day Converse

While Valentine’s Day is for chocolate hampers, bouquets of flowers, and quippy Valentine’s Day cards with celebrities on the front of them, it’s also for the niche – from heart-shaped Legos to Valentine’s Day-inspired footwear.

If you’re already a fan of Converse, you could just fall in love with their new limited-edition line. To maintain the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the collection features red embroidered hearts and Valentine’s Day-inspired motifs, ankle patches, and other cute additions.

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Lift Platform Hearts: £85

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Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Lift Platform Hearts: £85

Revamped for Valentine’s Day 2023, the Chuck Taylor all-star lift platforms feature gold-foil detailing and red and gold hearts on the heel, and gold eyelets with matching hearts on the laces. Finished with a red Valentine’s Day-inspired ankle patch and a cute red heart hiding on the sole, these feature a lightweight EVA midsole for added comfort.

2. Converse Custom Chuck Taylor All-Star by You: £70

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Converse Custom Chuck Taylor All-Star by You

Should you prefer the low-top style of Converse, the Chuck Taylor all-stars can be customized à la Valentine’s Day with this black-and-white XOXO motif or a red “radiating heart” design on the ankle. Go even more bespoke with red heart-covered laces, heel stripes, and other design tweaks.

3. Converse Run Star Legacy Cx Platform Gold Chain: £115

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Converse run star legacy CX platform gold chain

Stepping away from the brand’s retro classic style is the most striking of the collection. The run star legacy CX platforms are quite literally elevated with their bold platform soles, and feature a high-top silhouette, pull tab, and gold chain.

For Valentine’s Day, these shoes feature gold eyelets, embroidery, and the Valentine’s-inspired ankle patch, along with a pink and red sole. For a similarly chunky sole, the Chuck Taylor all-star lugged 2.0 platforms have also had a Valentine’s Day refresh (£90,

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Move Platform Hearts: £85

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Move Platform Hearts

Somewhere between the ultra-stacked run star legacy CX platforms and classic all-stars, the all-star move platforms are reimagined for Valentine’s Day with the collection’s signature gold eyelets, gold foil detailing, and Valentine’s Day-inspired Chuck Taylor ankle patch. Also sporting the red heart on the underside of the sole, these Chuck Taylors feature OrthoLite cushioning and super lightweight EVA midsole.

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