Vicky Pattison is well-known for her candid and open Instagram postings that disclose the truth behind seemingly immaculate photos.

And the reality star received praise for posting before and after pictures demonstrating the physical changes caused by her period.

The former Geordie Shore star, who took home 2015 I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! crown urged her followers to support their “period belly” and “embrace the change.”

We need to quit punishing ourselves for every pound gained, Vicky, 34, wrote in a post that included side-by-side images of herself in her underwear shot only a few days apart.

After Her Remarkable Transformation, She Is Practically Unrecognizable

“This is not a picture of a weight reduction or change, nor am I promoting any sort of magic cure. Several days separated the taking of these photos “She gave details.

“The only variation? In the photo on the left, I was in my period, but I wasn’t in my period in the photo on the right. Oh, and I’ve got a little slap on my right arm.”

Vicky Pattison said, “Throughout the course of our lives, our bodies will change—whether that be via puberty, disease, or—if we’re blessed enough—childbearing. Or, perhaps, our bodies will alter because we experience a global epidemic and gain 10 pounds of banana bread around our midriffs.

She enquired: “Why do we still treat ourselves and our changing bodies so poorly? We must be more understanding of the ups and downs of life and the changes that our bodies go through.

Vicky Pattison Before And After

“We must quit criticizing ourselves for each pound we gain or each inch of muscular definition we lose. However, isn’t that simpler said than done?”

As someone who struggled with “disordered eating,” weaponized exercise, and believed that their “happiness was intricately related to a number on a scale,” Vicky reminded her fans that accepting change and enjoying the skin they’re in might be challenging.

She added: “However when I look at these images, I realize that the female on the right isn’t any more successful, nice, smart, or humorous than the girl on the left.

She is the same. Her lover doesn’t love her anymore, and she isn’t much happier (well, she’s less of a cow, but that’s the hormones).

Vicky claims that, since turning 30, she has come to the realization that “life is for living.”

Vicky Pattison Before And After

She remarked, “I didn’t realize there was so much more to life than having a thigh gap, a flat tummy, or being a size 6 until I was in my 30s.

“Like cheese, gin, giggling over cocktails with your girlfriends, or curling up with your guy and a Chinese, to name a few!

“I recently realized that life is about living, not for continually pursuing some unattainable style,” the author said.

As a final statement, she said: “I implore you all to stop punishing or forcing your body to be something it doesn’t want to be. Instead, be proud of all that it has helped you achieve. Acknowledge your body’s changes and wear them with pride. Champion your period belly. Wear your scars with pride.

“You are so much more than a size in clothing or a weight on a scale.”

Katie McGlynn, an actress best known for her roles on Hollyoaks and Coronation Street, reacted with a joyful raising of hands emoji.

Melisaelse1 answered: “I concur entirely! Why did it take me until I was 32 before I realized all of this?”

Additionally, nelisiwe bee dee informed her that “many of us women definitely needed this post.”

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