After wearing bandages and prosthetics in performances building up to his iconic Super Bowl 2021 halftime act last year, people have been wondering what happened to his face.

During his ‘After Hours’ era of music, the ‘Blinding Lights’ singer launched his new look, which was a fruitful year for the artist.

Why Did the Weeknd Postpone His Tour to Summer 2022?

He’s since announced his new album’s ‘Dawn FM‘ era, which is due to arrive on January 7.

But what happened to The Weeknd’s face in the first place? Has he had plastic surgery, and why is he wearing bandages on his face? Here’s what you should be aware of.

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What Happened to The Weeknd’s Face and Why Does He Wear Bandages?

the weekend before and after

The Weeknd – actual name Abel Tesfaye – debuted his new ‘After Hours’ era in November 2019, ushering in a new era for the singer’s music with a scarlet jacket and a face covered in bandages.

As fresh songs and music videos were released, it appeared that the story was only getting more serious, culminating in his memorable American Music Awards performance, during which his entire face was bandaged up with a bloodied nose and swollen features.

In an interview with Variety, Abel explained that his post-plastic surgery appearance had significance.

“The complete head bandages reflect on the crazy culture of Hollywood celebrities and people modifying themselves for superficial motives to please and be validated,” he remarked.

The Weeknd explained why he performs in bandages in a new interview with Variety. He added, “The significance of the complete head bandages is reflecting on the crazy culture of Hollywood stardom and people modifying themselves for superficial purposes to please and be validated.”

“I suppose you could take that being pretty isn’t essential to me but a captivating narrative is,” the Weeknd remarked when asked why he changed his appearance to promote After Hours.

With his phony injuries and bandaged face, the Weeknd seemed to be narrating the beginning of his album’s story months ago. With the release of the “Save Your Tears” video, the tale now shifts to his character’s post-surgery appearance.

The Weeknd reportedly sought the services of Prosthetic Renaissance to make his facial alterations, which is the same company that creates Heidi Klum’s famed Halloween costumes each year, according to The Cut.

Even before the release of After Hours, the Weeknd told GQ about his love of creepy films and his aim to create “cinematically lush, bizarre dream worlds,” as described by the publication. Changing his visage for the sake of art appears to be one way of doing so.

the weekend before and after

Despite his recent use of prosthetics, the Weeknd dropped the props and makeup when filming a teaser for his Super Bowl LV halftime act, implying that he’ll perform as himself during the big game.

However, it’s anyone’s guess whether the Weeknd will bring back the prosthetics or surprise us all with more dramatic elements in the future.

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Is the Weeknd a Botox or Plastic Surgery Fan?

In a nutshell, the actor hasn’t changed his appearance in any way.

For his album ‘After Hours,’ he employed prosthetics as part of a plot.

“I suppose you could take that being pretty isn’t important to me but a captivating tale is,” he remarked when asked why he made such a drastic transformation to his face, characterizing it as “increasingly hideous” while advertising his new project.

the weekend before and after

Fans were taken aback by his new style, but it’s safe to say it was all in the name of his new song.

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