Christopher Maurice Brown, an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor, was born on May 5, 1989. Brown is one of the most popular R&B singers of his period, and many of his colleagues have referred to him as the “King of R&B,” according to Billboard.

His music has been regarded as polyhedric, having various influences from other genres, primarily hip hop and pop music, which can be heard in his R&B.

Themes like sex, passion, rapid living, desire, regret, and emotional turmoil predominate in his lyrics. Due to his charisma on stage, Brown has developed a cult following and is frequently compared to Michael Jackson.

Joyce Hawkins Is an Entrepreneur

For those of you who don’t know, Chris’ mother Joyce runs her own business. She began her career years ago as the director of a daycare center before deciding to move into the fashion sector.

At the moment, Hawkins sells her apparel line through the Rose Marron clothing business she runs. She has been putting a lot of effort into building and sustaining her brand day and night.

chris brown mom before and after

The nicest thing about Joyce’s line of apparel is that it offers and creates clothing for people of all ages. According to several sources, Joyce is a talented costume designer with an eye for style and fashion.

She has undoubtedly succeeded in making a name for herself in the fashion world over the years. To date, Hawkins has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous costume and wardrobe departments while creating costumes for a variety of well-known items.

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A Little Bit About Joyce’s Personal Life

Clinton Brown, a jail officer, and Joyce were married. They were together for a considerable amount of time, but their love failed the real love test, therefore they split up and got divorced. They claimed the typical, irreconcilable disputes as the cause of their split.

Joyce soon started dating another man, but their romance came to an end after he made an attempt on his life and abused Joyce.

Chris Brown’s Mom: Before

Joyce Hawkins, the mother of Chris Brown, just had a significant facial and body alteration, and the results are amazing. Joyce appears to be a new person and based on her outspoken confidence on social media, it would appear that she feels the same way.

If you’ve seen Joyce’s most recent photos, you undoubtedly want to see what she looked like previously. To help you evaluate her transformation, we’ve included some before and after pictures.

Before her procedure, Joyce attended the Los Angeles premiere of “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life” with Chris and his kid.

Singer-songwriter Chris Brown (R), his mother Joyce Hawkins, and his daughter Royalty Brown are shown together at the “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life” premiere on June 6, 2017, in Los Angeles, California.

Another prior photo is from 2014 when Joyce witnessed her son’s attack on a Rihanna-related trial in the DC Superior Court in Washington. Chris Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins arrives at the DC Superior Court in Washington, DC on April 23, 2014, for the start of Brown’s trial.

Brown admitted to attacking R&B singer Rihanna in February 2009 and was given a five-year probationary term, community service requirements, and domestic violence therapy.

Last week, federal marshals transported him by land from Los Angeles to Washington after a federal judge there remanded him in custody on March 17 for allegedly breaking the terms of his probation in the Rihanna case.

Another prior picture of Chris and his mother visiting an exhibition in New York in 2012 is seen here. 11 June, New York, New York (L-R) On June 11, 2012, in New York City, Chris Brown and Joyce Hawkins attended the Dum English Exhibition Opening at Opera Gallery.
As you can see from the pictures, Joyce was already a stunning woman, but when you look at the pictures of her after surgery, you can not recognize her!

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Over the Past Few Years, Joyce Underwent an Amazing Transformation

You will notice a significant shift in Hawkins’ physical appearance when you compare her images from today with those from the historical vault. She underwent surgery and had plastic surgery on her face and body to attain her stunning new appearance.

We must admit that her surgical outcomes are quite impressive. We appear to be looking at a completely different individual. Her dramatic makeover has ignited the internet.

When we look closely at Joyce’s current photos, she appears more youthful and stunning than ever. In her earlier shots, she appears a little bit older but is still quite attractive.

Although Brown’s mother is now well-known, it is important to note that she raised Chris Brown to be the major superstar he is today.

We just want to clarify that it is completely their decision and okay if someone feels having plastic surgery will improve their self-esteem. And it’s also OK if someone believes that avoiding surgery is the best option for them.

What do you think about Joyce Hawkins’ remarkable change? Please share your opinions with us in the space below. Keep checking back with us for the most recent information from the entertainment industry.

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