Think back to that year, 2007. Your best friend has just Bluetooth you while using your Blackberry Curve on the playground. Calvin Harris TheGirls.mp3.

Get back to the present moment now. You’re watching The Brits 2019 when Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris perform One Kiss. I’m sorry, what? Please explain how the two tracks are by the same artist.

The best glo-up known to man belongs to the guy who is behind them both. The Calvin Harris transformation demonstrates that ANYONE can get healthy, effectively refuting everything of science.

Here is a timeline showing the whole development of Calvin Harris, from a greasy mop-headed, Topman-like 2000s boy to a perfectly chiseled, model-good-looking husband-me-up-right-now-I’m-done man.

What Went Wrong At First For Him?

That illustration shows what he first did incorrectly (and perhaps what you are doing incorrectly right now).

Of course, neglecting your skincare routine and haircut will reflect poorly on your physical look. It’s remarkable what a good haircut and straightforward grooming habits can do for you over time.

Take a moment to consider women. How long do they spend on their cosmetics and hair? They realize the significance, but I’m not arguing that we men should follow their example.

The first thing to consider is picking a haircut that flatters your face shape and is manageable for your everyday activities. (More on this later; in the meantime, watch this video.)

Then, you should think about a straightforward grooming regimen to help your skin. You won’t need to spend more than a few minutes per day on it. You don’t need to go overboard at first; simply a simple face cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream will do.

He also appears to have neglected his oral hygiene, which has a significant impact on his attractiveness (a bad smile can affect your physical appearance).

At 6 feet 4, he had an advantage in height, but his height (combined with his lack of exercise) made him appear lanky. He was likely eating the traditional “music producer” diet at the time—anything you can get your hands on quickly—which was probably another contributing factor to the poor skin and dental hygiene.

His fashion? We won’t even discuss it.

The classic Calvin look included graphic t-shirts, printed sweatshirts, loose trousers, and sneakers.

Even though Calvin was a rising DJ, Producer, and Artist, his mop hair, lanky physique, awful skincare, and bad fashion put him far from being offered an Armani contract.

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The Transformation’s Background

Let’s dissect it.

1. No “Overnight” Transformation Occurred

I want to be clear right away that this shift did not occur overnight.

calvin harris before and after

Constant reinvention, self-discovery, and presumably a lot of assistance are all part of it. Calvin Harris didn’t just fall asleep and awaken the next morning as an Armani model.

Images from a few years following his rise to popularity and a few years prior to how he looks now show the steady shift.

He began to wear a hairdo that was more sophisticated and attractive than the mop he had previously worn.

He also started dressing smarter, frequently choosing a slimmer-fit shirt and jeans over oversized t-shirts and denim that did nothing to flatter his towering body.

Physical changes were also noticeable, as seen by his better posture and a little increase in body mass on his tall frame. His facial hair was better kept than before, and his skin began to seem cleaner and glow more.

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2. An Attention To Fitness

One of the finest methods to enhance your physical look is by dressing stylishly, but you should constantly prioritize your health and stay in shape.

It will be more difficult for you to dress whichever you want if you are overweight.

Your clothing choices will also be impacted if you’re tall and thin (and how you wear them).

Drink no water and eat junk food all day? It will result in poor skin and ongoing weariness.

There isn’t a quick answer to being in better shape, so I won’t mention any particular diet or exercise regimen that Calvin’may has’ followed. (See here for articles on fitness)

But I’m guessing it required constant action, he allowed himself the occasional pleasure and didn’t fully deprive himself, and he kept his workouts varied.

If you want to look and feel your best, you should not neglect your health and fitness. It will enhance your posture, self-assurance, skin, and sense of well-being, and, of course, offer you the frame to dress better.

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3. He Was Careful With His Appearance

It’s 2016… Using a moisturizing product does not diminish your masculinity.

Calvin Harris gave his smile a boost by taking care of his bad oral hygiene, getting a good haircut, taking care of his skin, and maintaining his facial hair.

calvin harris before and after

We all age, which is something we cannot stop. This is something we all share in common.

Changing your hairstyle and grooming habits will improve your entire physical look.

Applying moisturizer, eye cream, and a face wash in the morning and evening can suffice. It will only take a few minutes each day, but over time, those few minutes will pay off greatly.

Of course, it might be advantageous to go the extra mile with your grooming; using a toner, a serum, or even exfoliating can improve your skin.

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