Caleb Swanigan died at the age of 25, and fans feel his weight loss journey was a contributing factor in his death.

As a member of Purdue’s 2016–17 Big Ten Player of the Year and first-team All-Big Ten teams, Swanigan was an integral part of the team’s success. The Portland Trail Blazers selected him in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft, selecting him 26th overall. He played three seasons for the Trail Blazers.

Purdue said that the world lost a kind spirit on Friday night.

Who is Caleb Swanigan?

National Basketball Association player Caleb Sylvester Swanigan (April 18, 1997 – June 20, 2022) was an American professional basketball player (NBA). He was a Purdue Boilermaker throughout his collegiate career.,, and ESPN named him as one of the best prep players in the country in 2015.

Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he graduated in 2014, went on to win the school’s first state championship that year. He was selected Indiana’s Mr. Basketball and a McDonald’s All-American by the NCAA.

Before committing to Purdue, Swanigan had pledged his allegiance to the Wolverines’ rival Michigan State University. For the first time in Purdue history, a freshman has been selected Big Ten Freshman of the Week three times in his first year. All-Big Ten first-team honors and national freshmen of the week award were also bestowed upon him. Swanigan averaged 10.2 points and 8.3 rebounds per game this season.

Swanigan was a unanimous first-team All-American and the Big Ten Player of the Year during his sophomore year. For the Karl Malone Award, which honors the nation’s best power forward, he was a finalist. The Portland Trail Blazers picked him in the first round of the 2017 NBA draught. While in the NBA, Swanigan spent two seasons with the Trail Blazers, as well as a season with the Sacramento Kings.

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Caleb Swanigan’s weight loss

Caleb Swanigan Before And After

Caleb Swanigan Before And After

Former NBA player and Purdue star Caleb Swanigan died on Tuesday at the age of 25, reports the Indianapolis Star. As word of his death spreads, a flurry of online investigation is being done to determine exactly what happened.

Natural causes have been cited as the reason for death for the athlete’s family, although this has not been confirmed by the family. Those on Reddit, on the other hand, attribute his death to his weight loss efforts.

As a result of his weight gain, Swanigan was forced to quit basketball. Following his retirement from the NBA, Swanigan turned to rap music as a career path. The nickname “Biggie” had preceded him.

On top of all that, Swanigan made headlines in the year 2021 when he was charged with possession of marijuana.

He weighed 118 kg when he died. The fact that he couldn’t take care of his body eventually led to an array of health issues. Although the diva had tried to lose weight and failed, it was not as if she had never attempted to do so before.

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Caleb Swanigan Before And After Pictures

Caleb Swanigan Before And After

We can clearly detect a difference in his weight between 2015 and 2022. As he ages, he undergoes a gradual shift in his physical appearance. Aside from that, photos don’t deceive. He seems to be between 112 and 118 kg on his website.

As a child, Swanigan’s father Carl Swanigan Sr. was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and died in 2014 at the age of 50.

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Growing older, Swanigan found it more difficult to maintain healthy body weight. He inherited his father’s tendency for obesity along with his stature. Finally, with the support of his adoptive father, former professional athlete Roosevelt Barnes, he regained control of his physique.

Last year, Damian Lillard made a statement about the criticism he received after images of him were leaked. Caleb Swanigan’s death reminded me of his statement.

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