By 2022, the general public has learned that Google can be manipulated in many entertaining ways.

The ‘Gravity’ stunt and the related ‘Do a barrel roll’ fad has shocked the Internet at large.

Internet users have been laughing it up for hours thanks to these kinds of interactive features, and now there are even more of them to try.

We’ve seen a lot of variations on the ‘Wizard of Oz’ Google trick, but this one takes the cake.

Google’s “Wizard of Oz” Trick

wizard of oz google trick

The Wizard of Oz’s Trick is a humorous Easter Egg dedicated to the classic 1939 film that can be found on Google.

When you search for something on the internet and come across a picture of two rubies belonging to Dorothy, something unexpected will happen when you click on the image.

When Judy Garland’s “There’s no place like home” begins to play, Google begins to whirl like the famous tornado scene.

Then, a sepia tone takes over until you tap the tornado icon, at which point a home appears on the screen.

Again, the screen whirls to the beat. Until Google is back to normal, the Wizard of Oz soundtrack will play.

How to Do This

wizard of oz google trick

Enter “wizard of oz google trick” into Google and click on the first result (or click here!)

A pair of glittering ruby slippers will appear to your right.

To see the trick begin, simply click on them. Turn up the volume!

If you tap the tornado, the illusion will disappear and your screen will revert to its previous state.

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5 Best Google Search Easter Eggs

Here is a compilation of some of the most interesting Google search results we could find. In other words, strap yourself in, Toto, because this is going to be exciting!

1) Do A Barrel Roll

This is way cooler than the Wizard of Oz trick, plus it’s a lot easier to pull off. In order to learn how to perform a barrel roll, just type it into Google. From that point on, your entire screen will rotate in a way that only computer programmers could dream of.

This nifty technique is an homage to Nintendo’s Star Fox games.

2) Beam Me Up

If you use Google’s voice search feature and say, “beam me up Scotty,” you’ll get the response, “I cannot do it, Captain.” I am helpless because I lack authority.”

The album’s outcomes for Nicki Minaj have recently reached me personally.

3) You Know Kevin Bacon, Right?

wizard of oz google trick

Do you know about the game called “six degrees of Kevin Bacon?” The object of this drinking game is to find five people who can all be linked to Kevin Bacon.

The number of “degrees of separation,” often known as “degrees of Kevin Bacon,” is the number of films separating the two actors.

What’s the big deal here? To find out how many steps separate any given celebrity from Kevin Bacon, simply type their name plus “Bacon number” into Google.

Try it. What I did work perfectly. For whatever reason, I decided to check the Johnny Depp/Bacon count, and it came back as 2.

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4) Askew

Weird! If you type the word “askew” into Google’s search bar, the results will appear slightly tilted. For some reason, this makes me anxious.

Those of us who appreciate a little skew might enjoy the slant, though.

5) What Does The Fox Say?”

Oh my god, this one is really scary. Seeing these clips makes me question what the hell has become of our planet. Is this how today’s musicians have to promote themselves?

The relevant video is embedded below. Simply ask “what does the fox say?” into Google’s voice search to find out. If you go there, you’ll find the answer you’re looking for… the solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had.

These Google Easter Eggs are meant to be a fun diversion from your regular routine.

Other Tricks to Try

There are more Google tricks than only the one with the Wizard of Oz. Really, there’s a lot of it!

Do a barrel roll or the “Gravity” trick if you like this one.

Thanos Snap, the Zerg Rush Game, and the Google Zipper are just a few of Google’s other parlor tricks.

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