In the age of e-commerce, misplaced or stolen goods may be a major headache for both retailers and their consumers. This is even more difficult and complicated when customers find package tracking daunting.

Any business that handles parcel delivery has inevitably had goods go missing or get damaged. It is crucial for businesses to do thorough cross-checking before shipping merchandise. Package weighing, measuring, and cross-checking is an automated process for larger organizations. When it comes to ensuring that items are packaged securely for transit, smaller businesses with fewer computerized systems need to do a second round of address checking.

Missing and stolen parcels

Without a doubt, having your shipment go missing is a stressful experience, but having to undergo the claim procedure is much more aggravating. Even though there are a number of ways to reduce the likelihood of losing a parcel that was ordered online, it does not always go as planned. The reason for this is that the majority of people who shop online still sometimes have problems in the process. In addition to the fact that the location has a poor security rating, the increase in the number of shipments, during the holidays, gives opportunities for thieves to steal.

Even while customers who purchase online have the legal right to file a complaint for any lost or stolen packages, it does not always favor them. The likelihood of receiving a substitute or a refund is heavily dependent on the delivery service and whether the shipment was insured.

Dealing with thieves who steal your parcel

The majority of parcels that have ever been lost are usually as a result of thieves. There are several ways to deal with such individuals.

Make a complaint to the authorities

You must contact the authorities as soon as possible to notify them of the theft of any packages, just as you would with any other kind of crime. Even if they are limited in what they can do without eyewitnesses, they will make a record of what happened and take steps to keep it from happening again.

If there has been a recent increase in the number of reported crimes in the area, the authorities will most certainly launch an inquiry. Reporting the incident to the authorities will also prove to be helpful when it is time to utilize your insurance.

Get in touch with the vendor you purchased from

After you have made a complaint with the authorities, you need to get in touch with the online vendor of the item you purchased. When you do this, try and let them know that your parcel has not arrived. The bulk of well-established businesses are likely to dispatch substitutes straight away.

However, not all businesses will provide substitutes for lost or damaged items. As a result of this, you need to ensure that you give an adequate amount of evidence that backs up your allegation.

To make it simpler for the business to trace the cargo, you should also supply the verification and tracking code for your shipment. Any other relevant information should also be included.

How to prevent thieves from stealing your parcel

There are a number of ways to prevent thieves from stealing your parcel. Some of them include;

Make arrangements for personal delivery

Setting up a time to personally accept your packages is a good strategy for minimizing the risk that they will be taken by a thief. As a result of this, you should make certain that you advise the courier service that you want a signature upon delivery. In addition to this, tell them that someone is present at the location where your package is expected to be delivered.

Put in a camera for surveillance

The installation of a camera is arguably the simplest method available for warding off thieves. You are in luck because the market is flooded with a diverse selection of high-quality surveillance cameras that are very simple to set up and install.


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