Text is a fantastic method to give your Reel video context, and in order to really highlight your movie, you might need to include several text boxes in your Reel. Next, how can you arrange them at different periods so that you can make a text block vanish before the next one shows up?

Okay, so one fantastic way to keep your text showing and fading at different periods on Instagram Reel is to change the text duration.

Let’s look at how to add several or vanishing texts to your Instagram reel.

There are benefits to adding text to Instagram Reels:

Firstly, it makes it possible for viewers who are muted to still enjoy the Reel material.

Secondly, the narrative conveyed by text on screen differs from that of movement or music alone.

Thirdly, it provides context for the current situation.

But correctly adding text to Instagram Reels requires a little bit of strategy. So allow me to elaborate on it now.

Text placement

There are some text locations that are simply impossible to read. Not all text placements are made equal. I’ll demonstrate what I mean to you.

Thus, the text is not readable because it is in an unreadable location. Furthermore, there are many places where the usual icons and content make it impossible to read the text. Say for instance:

The account name is usually near the top, so if you come too close to it, the text won’t be readable.

Next, on the right, there are icons for sharing, leaving a remark, and sending a heart. Avoid that as well.

The subtitle, music details, and filter information—if applicable—are located at the bottom. Although others can more easily apply the same music or filter on their reels thanks to this information, it also reduces the visible text area.

Here are a few illustrations of how text appears in various settings:

Basically, the middle of the screen is the safe area where text can be added to videos. The sides on the top or bottom shouldn’t be too near to the bottom.

How to add specific text to Instagram Reels

how to add text to instagram reels

Having established the location of the text, let’s quickly go over how to actually add text to a reel. Click the “next” button in the lower right corner of the screen once your video has been made. By selecting the letters in the upper right corner, you can then add text.

By selecting the matching button on the bottom left, you can change the length of time that a certain text will appear on the screen. You can then adjust the text’s appearance time. It is also possible to add numerous text strings that appear at varying intervals. Here’s an illustration of how it could seem.

Keep it short(ish)

Keep in mind how much time readers have to read the content. They will not be able to read text that fills the screen from top to bottom if a given video segment lasts longer than 1.5 seconds. Thus, some authors include the phrase “Pause to read.” Even though it’s sound advice, it’s not very user-friendly.

Making sure the text can be read in the allocated time is my recommendation.


Including text on Instagram Reels is a popular tactic and recommended practice. It’s also one strategy among many for expanding your fan base on social media sites like Instagram. Thus, it makes sense to include language that aids in telling the story, but in order to do so, it must be placed in a location that is accessible to readers and provides ample time for reading.

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