How is his treatment going?

Pelé has been battling bowel cancer since he was diagnosed with a tumour in his large instestine in August 2021.

Pelé has had multiple health complications, he had a tumour removed from his colon in September of 2021 which made him visit the hospital frequently.

The man was undergoing routine examinations in São Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital when they detected that he had developed a respiratory infection which is now being treated with antibiotics.

After the soccer legend was admitted to the hospital, his daughter Kely Nascimento shared that her father was doing well in response to the worries expressed about his health.

“Hi my friends. Lots of alarm in the media today concerning my dad’s health,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “He is in the hospital regulating medication. Some of my siblings are visiting Brazil.”

She continued on to say that, “There is no emergency or new dire prediction.” Kely further assured fans by sharing that she would be there for New Years and promised to post photos when she could.

What is the latest update on his health?

Latest local media reports from Brazil say that his doctors have stopped his chemotherapy treatment as his body is not responding to it and the man is now receiving treatment in a palliative care ward.

Palliative care is the treatment offered to patients who are suffering from life threatening illnesses to alleviate their pain. It is also termed as ‘end of life’ care.

Pelé most recently posted on his Instagram regarding his routine checkup thanking fans in Qatar for a tribute made in his name with the words ‘Get well soon’.

Football fans and football players alike have take to social media platforms to wish the legend a speedy recovery with emotional messages.

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