Anime has taken the world by storm, and it is inarguable that the 2000s were golden years for the genre. Several popular shows emerged during this era and created a plethora of memories for anime lovers.

Given that there have been a number of shows in this genre to have become popularized globally over the years, with shows such as Naruto, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, and others, many incredible shows have arguably gone under the radar. The five we have picked out perhaps fall into that category.

GyakkyouBuraiKaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Released back in 2007, Kaiji is a thrilling anime that will have you at the edge of your seat. The show follows Kaiji, a young man who, to pay off his debt, becomes involved in high-stakes gambling. The unique art style and storyline make the show an intense watch, but it also gives viewers an insight into casino gaming and how it should not be approached, thus potentially providing them with a lesson that they can try to learn from. However, it never got the recognition it deserved, and it remains one of the most underrated anime to this day.

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

This gorgeous anime offers a refreshing escape into a mystic world with a rich backstory. The protagonist, Balsa, is a highly skilled warrior hired by a prince to protect his younger sibling. The anime has a beautiful blend of action and drama, making it an unforgettable experience despite not receiving the recognition it deserves.

Last Exile

With its intricate plot and beautiful animation, this 2003 release will blow your mind away. The story is set in a world where humans live in the clouds, and skyships are the primary mode of transport. Claus and Lavie, a young pilot and navigator duo, become caught up in a battle that will determine their world’s fate. The epic battle scenes and mesmerizing soundtrack make the show a must-watch, yet it remains underappreciated.

Eden of the East

What would you do if someone placed 10 billion yen in your pocket and asked you to save Japan? This is the premise of the 2009 anime Eden of the East. The show takes you on a thrilling ride with the protagonist, Takizawa Akira, as he tries to unravel the mysteries behind ‘The Seleção,’ a group of 12 individuals with the cash to make a difference to protect Japan. The show combines romance, comedy, and politics in an unforgettable yet underappreciated package.

Detroit Metal City

This show is a hilarious satire on the Japanese underground metal scene. The protagonist, SoichiNegishi, has an alter ego, Johannes Krauser II, who is the lead singer of the death metal band Detroit Metal City. The show offers a fresh change of pace from the usual anime and will have you in hysterics. Despite its unique take, it remains overlooked by most anime fans.

Although we have only picked out five, there are a plethora more of anime from the 2000s that can be considered to be among the most underrated. As highlighted, there are many that have gone on to become huge successes as they have achieved global popularity, while newer shows always come to the forefront for those new to this genre. However, if you want to revisit a classic, check out one of those mentioned above!

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