If you are fond of trivia shows (just like we are), there’s no way you haven’t heard of Jeopardy! It’s America’s favorite quiz show, known for doling out millions of dollars every year, bringing champions to the spotlight, and offering them a life without jobs. Jeopardy! has gripped fans for years with its fast-paced rounds and intense competition, not to forget the thrill of witnessing a competitor go on a winning streak.

First debuted in 1984, Jeopardy! has since seen many famous winners walk away with enormous sums of money. It’s difficult to narrow down to only a few “best” contestants. The show had the opportunity to glorify many players, so in this article, we will list the most memorable champions in recent years.

Several Jeopardy players over the years have managed to leave an impression. Let’s see who some of those players are.

1. Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings barely needs any introduction. Formerly a software engineer in Utah, Jennings made history by winning 74 consecutive games. During his streak, he won a whopping $2,520,700 and became the competition’s longest-running champion. Jennings remains a special host for the show after Alex Trebek’s death. He even went against IBM supercomputer Watson.

There’s been no need for work after Jeopardy! for Jennings. However, he is presently a critically-acclaimed New York Times bestseller author. There’s no talk of him being a permanent host for the show. Whatever happens, there’s no denying that Jennings has made an impact on quiz shows all around the world.

2. James Holzhauer

Another Jeopardy player that demands no introduction is James Holzhauer. Formerly a sports gambler in Vegas, Holzhauer’s unique set of skills helped him win $2,462,216 during 32 consecutive games. Known for his fearless attitude, Holzhauer is the only player ever to win more than $100,000 in one episode. Like Jennings, Holzhauer also remains in the Jeopardy circle and makes occasional appearances while remaining largely present in the sports gambling scene.

He is also known for impacting outside the quiz show realm. He has donated money to Project 150, an organization devoted to helping homeless Nevada kids. One of the interesting things about Holzhauer’s winnings in Jeopardy is that every large number he has won is related to important events in his life, such as his daughter’s birthday, his marriage anniversary, or something else.

3. Matt Amodio

Matt Amodio is the third highest-winning champion, winning 38 games and bagging $1,518,601 during his wins. Amodio, a computer science Ph.D. candidate at Yale University, had a strategy for handling high-price clues, which helped him win big. Amodio says he has no intention of leaving behind his research life and continues to be a Ph.D. student. He played under six different hosts during his streak, which is a unique record.

4. Amy Schneider

Amy Schneider is an engineering manager from California who consecutively won 40 games on Jeopardy and took home a whopping $1,382,800. She is the first woman ever to cross the million-dollar mark. Schneider, who is a transgender woman, is all about making records. She is often called “Jeopardy Amy” by fans and is the only player after Jennings with such a long streak. Schneider has been a big Jeopardy! fan since she was a kid and was even voted to be “Most likely to be on Jeopardy!” in eighth grade.

5. Brad Rutter

Brad Rutter holds the record for highest winnings at $4,938,436. Rutter originally came to the show in 2000 and won $55,102. Since then, he has also participated in tournaments like Tournament of Champions, Million Dollar Masters, etc. Formerly a store employee from Lancaster, Rutter has proved again and again that he is one of the best champions of all time.

6. Austin Rogers

Formerly a bartender in New York, Austin Rogers secured a special place in the hearts of Jeopardy fans. He won a 12-game streak and took home $411,000. Rogers is known for his lovable nature, quirky personality, and sharp wit. He became viral and got known by people all across social media. After his win, Austin bought a 1989 Honda Civic, roamed across the globe, and came back to continue bartending. Rogers still works as a bartender in New York and even hosts trivia nights.

7. Julia Collins

Julia Collins was initially the first female to have the highest winning streak until Amy Schneider. During her 20-game winning streak, Collins bagged $428,100. She won $50,000 more during the Tournament of Champions in 2014. She has a master’s degree from MIT in logistics and supply chain management engineering and is the founder of Girls Like You and Me. She also has a BA in American history and art history, so it can be said that she has put her degrees to good use.

8. Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson appeared on Jeopardy in 2015 and won a staggering $411,612, thanks to this 13-game winning streak. Jackson, a paralegal and a graduate of Yale, is known for his quirks and sweet smile that charmed the audience. Jackson has been recognized for his fast responses and his expressions. He has donated a big sum of his money to charities, too.

9. David Madden

David Madden, an art historian, appeared on Jeopardy back in 2005, winning $430,400 from a 19-game streak. Madden is known for being a big trivia lover. In fact, after his win, he founded several competitions, including the National History Bee and Bowl, the International Geography Olympiad, US Geography Olympiad, and the National Science Bee, among others.

10. Mattea Roach

Mattea Roach is the youngest player on this list, who took home $560,983 after winning 23 consecutive games. This 23-year-old tutor from Canada surprised viewers with her intelligence and became the winningest Canadian on the show!

The Secrets to Becoming a Jeopardy! Champion

You must be wondering, “how the heck did all these people become such big winners?”. It’s no easy feat to become a Jeopardy! champion. However, if you ever want to appear on Jeopardy!, there are a few things worth knowing.

Everyone can’t know everything. And, for a show like Jeopardy! that covers such a wide range of topics, it might be impossible even to participate if you feel like you don’t know almost everything. The important thing here is to prepare carefully. You might be a trivia fanatic, but that doesn’t mean you’re quite ready for Jeopardy!

Since the show covers a vast array of topics, it’s best to always focus on the ones that are more likely to come. With a limited time, it’s pointless trying to study so many topics. But, no matter how many answers you know, it’s also important to improve your buzzing skills alongside. It’s no use to just know a lot of trivia if you don’t even get to answer them. So, practice how fast you can press the buzzer.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Jeopardy! has made a profound impact, not just on American Television but on trivia shows and viewers across the world. Its one-of-a-kind concept and a long list of great champions have kept the audience hooked for decades. Every episode teaches the audience something new. Every episode has a different contestant demonstrating their expertise, winning strategy, and personality.

Another distinctive thing about the show is its intriguing premise. The competitors demonstrate their intelligence by answering trivia questions using hints. We have witnessed great minds join the quiz show throughout the decades and win. And the show isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, either. So, if you wanted to know which players have become the most memorable in recent years, there you go!

It takes a lot of effort to win big on Jeopardy! These winners don’t just turn up wearing pretty sweaters and telling life anecdotes and win. Before participating in the game, nearly all big-time champions carefully studied the show. They studied strategy manuals, watched countless old episodes, and even consulted previous winners for assistance. And, let’s not forget that they are also undoubtedly knowledgeable individuals. So, if you wanted to get inspired today, what better way than to learn about these winners?

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