Chris Evans has “America’s ass,” but that’s not why he’s the Sexiest Man Alive in 2022; he’s also known for being likable, funny, charming, good-looking, intelligent, and a stand-up guy, and he inspires the same awe and respect as his Marvel superhero persona, Captain America. That Evans is a fan-favorite “internet boyfriend” comes as no surprise.

Who Is Chris Evans Dating Now?

The actor has a well-documented history of dating dozens of women, but he has never been married. Reportedly, Chris Evans has been seeing the Portuguese actress Alba Baptista.

Is Chris Really Dating Alba?

Fans noticed that Evans began following Baptista on Instagram in the fall of 2020, but she didn’t follow him back until June 2021, sparking rumors that the two were having an affair.

She followed him back as well as his brother Scott, Scott’s partner and their dog. At one point, it was thought that Evans was visiting her in Lisbon, and he was also linked to photos she posted on New Year’s Eve that appeared to be taken in a backyard in Los Angeles.

But, Evans has stated in the past that he will be entering the year 2022 without a significant other. Why? It seems he has some commitment issues. “I’m the one who fears being enveloped,” he said to The Hollywood Reporter in 2019.

I’ve always been someone who does things on my own. My favorite thing to do is go camping by myself. When I’m with someone, it’s nice when they have their own interests and activities, you know what I mean? It can be a little suffocating to be with someone who takes on all of my responsibilities and routines.

Rumors got more fire when Chris Posted the same pumpkin Halloween photos as that of Alba’s mother’s display profile.

Chris Perfect Partner Definition

chris evans dating

1. He Dates Within Same Age Circle

The 41-year-old actor only dates those who are roughly his age. Rumor has it that Evans is seeing Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, despite his the policy of not dating women more than ten years his junior, according to the gossip website DeuxMoi.

Baptista is only 25 years old, while Evans is well into his 40s. It’s interesting to see Evans date someone outside of his typical demographic.

Both his previous long term relationship with actress Jenny Slate and his current, on-again, off-again relationship with Minka Kelly, in which Kelly is the older of the two partners, lasted for only a year.

2. He only dates career women

Evans, one of Hollywood’s top actors, reportedly seeks a companion with the same work ethic. Examining his extensive list of exes, they all appear to be suitable candidates. 

Two of Evans’ exes, Slate and Jessica Biel, are committed actresses with impressive resumes, suggesting that the actor’s attraction to successful women has a rational basis. Evan said in an interview published by The Hollywood Reporter in 2019 that he appreciates it when his partner takes time to do their own thing. 

Being engulfed is something I worry about. Throughout my entire life, I have been a very independent man. My favorite thing to do is go camping by myself. 

When I’m with someone, it’s nice when they have their own interests and activities, you know what I mean? It can be a little suffocating to be with someone who takes on all of my responsibilities and routines. It appears that Evans values independence in a partner, and he sees it when couples are busy.

3. He Prefers to Date Actresses

Taking Slate and Biel as examples, it would appear that Evans prefers to date within his professional life; however, there is a method to his apparent madness.

Evans claims that those working in the same field share a “certain shared life experience” that is difficult for outsiders to understand.” Permitting someone to begin working with you with the understanding that you won’t see them for three months. In a nutshell, it’s a major stressor for the partnership.

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