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The world of professional football is one of the most lucrative sports, with some of the biggest names in the game earning millions of dollars each year. In the United States, the National Football League (NFL) is the premier league for the sport, and many of its players are among the wealthiest in the world. In this article, we will take a look at some of the richest NFL players and their starting salaries.

The NFL is a highly competitive league, with only the best players making it to the top. The average career of an NFL player is just over three years, and many players never make it to a second contract. However, for those who do, the rewards can be substantial. The top players in the league earn millions of dollars each year in salary, bonuses, and endorsement deals. If you’re interested in getting in on the action, why not try online football betting? You can find out here about the ins and outs of wagering on your favorite teams and players.

The Highest-Paid NFL Players in 2022

Patrick Mahomes

The highest-paid player in the NFL is currently Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes signed a 10-year, $450 million contract extension in 2020, making him the highest-paid player in league history. The deal includes $140 million in guaranteed money and an average annual salary of $45 million. Mahomes is regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in the league and led the Chiefs to the Super Bowl in 2020.

Russell Wilson

After a trade to the Broncos in 2022, Wilson was cemented as one of the highest-paid players in the league after signing an impressive five-year extension courtesy of Denver’s new ownership group. Until 2021, when he experienced a finger injury that sidelined him for his first game, Wilson had made 149 consecutive regular-season starts – proving just how valuable and reliable he is. After a successful eight-year NFL tenure, the former Seahawk averaged 3,987 passing yards, 31 touchdowns and nine interceptions per 17 games. His stellar performance in his sophomore season earned him a Super Bowl win and the honor of being named Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2020.

Aaron Donald

After a historic Super Bowl victory for the Rams, Aaron Donald was determined to get what he deserved. He negotiated an unparalleled two-year extension worth $65 million and an optional third year of $30 million – with three years remaining on his original contract! The rumors that surfaced after their win suggested Donald even contemplated retirement if the deal couldn’t be reworked, showing just how passionate he is about getting fair compensation.

Donald is a record-breaking defensive tackle, scoring an impressive 98 career sacks and earning the title of All-Pro seven times consecutively. With a league-high 20.5 sacks over five years, Donald has continuously pushed to exceed his expectations – even coming two sacks shy of Strahan and Watt’s historical 22.5 sack record. In 2020, he added Super Bowl Champion to his list of accolades after winning the AP Defensive Player of the Year award three out of five consecutive seasons with no fewer than eight sacks every year.

Donald’s new contract yielded him an astonishing $40 million raise, scaling up to a total of $65 million across the next two seasons. If he opts in for his third year, Donald will pocket an additional $30 million – bringing the entire amount to an outstanding $95 million! Such lavish remuneration has allowed Aaron Donald to enter NFL record books as their highest ever non-QB earner.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has become the first NFL player to earn more than $50 million per season after signing a three-year extension with the Green Bay Packers. With an astonishing $150.6 million guaranteed, he now holds the record for the most money ever secured by any NFL athlete. Over his last two seasons alone, Rodgers made 8,414 combined yards and 85 touchdowns while completing 69.8 per cent of all passes – resulting in him being crowned MVP twice over. Not only that, but even at age 37, this incredible performer still wins trophies – like when he won one Super Bowl during his 17 years as part of The Packer’s team.

Kyler Murray

This offseason, Murray secured a long-term extension with the Cardinals for an impressive $230.5 million over five years – demonstrating how highly regarded he is within the league at only 24 years old. He has continually raised his passer rating in each season since entering the NFL back in 2019, and even though there have been some playoff issues along the way, Murray remains one of the finest young quarterbacks out there. Now he’ll get paid like it.


These five NFL players are just a few examples of this league’s incredible talent and value. Whether it’s Russell Wilson’s longevity or Aaron Donald’s defensive prowess, the teams willing to invest in these superstars have been rewarded with truly remarkable performances – and will continue to do so for many years. With the increasing salary caps across the league, we can expect even more record-breaking contracts from blue-chip players soon. As long as they can keep delivering on their promise, everyone wins!

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