Bingo has become one of the most popular online games to play. Not everyone plays for real money, but most people do. The excitement as the caller calls the last number you need, the sound effect of a racing heart that echos your own. Bingo is incredibly exciting for a simple game that started many years ago and has seen so many versions until we have the bingo game that we know and love today. 

Part of the excitement around bingo is that it is a fair and random game. You never know when you will win, and you might not get that call even in a room of just two players! A good bingo site like Jackpotjoy offers lots of different types of bingo (which we will look at in a minute!). 

  • Bingo requires low time, which is ideal for casual gamers.
  • Bingo sites offer incredible bonuses and promotions.
  • Bingo sites usually have slot games and scratch cards.
  • There are lots of varieties of bingo. 
  • Developers create new themes all the time. 
  • Bingo is easy to play on mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites.

How do you play bingo?

If you’ve never played bingo, then you’ll be happy to know that it is pretty easy, and there are only a few things you need to know. 

Once you have registered with the site, you want to play on and deposit some cash into your account (make sure you take advantage of promos and bonuses). 

  • Choose your preferred bingo game (90, 80, 75, other).
  • Find a room theme that offers that type of bingo.
  • Check the price of the cards before you make a purchase
  • Check for any bonuses like players who have 3tg or 2tg still win a portion of the cash. 
  • Check if you want to dab manually or if you prefer automatic.

Most bingo games will pause when there is a win, ending when the full house gets called. 

There is a huge range of bingo sites, so you will have to try out a few until you find the ones you like best. Here is the lowdown on the different bingo game types you might enjoy. 


90-ball bingo is the one that most people are familiar with, and it was the one that was played in church halls, bingo halls, and more all over the world. Each strip bingo strip on a 90-ball is made up of 6 tickets, and they will have 15 random numbers on it between 1-90. 

Each number from 1-90 will be called once, and if you have that number on your strip, you will mark it off, or the game with automatically mark it off for you. 

Each ticket will have three rows and five numbers; marking off all five numbers first will give you 1 line, two is two lines, and all of the numbers are a full house. You’ll need to be the first to mark those off to win. 


80-ball bingo is most commonly played at amusement parks, piers, and other seaside resorts. Many people call this type of bingo ‘prize bingo.’ With prize bingo, there are four columns and rows, which gives you 16 numbers in total. 

In 80-ball, there are also colors on the ticket too. So you might hear the call ‘blue 25’ or just a regular number bingo call. 

You might only need four corner numbers, a full column, or a diagonal line to win. 


Pattern bingo is getting more popular worldwide, although it is mainly the most popular in the US. Each room will show you a pattern you must complete first to win. The 75-ball game is played on tickets with 25 squares and 24 numbers – with the middle square being FREE. 

The pattern you need to mark off could be a letter, number, or shape. 


You might hear this called Sweidhs bingo or Five line bingo, which has the look and feel of 75-ball bingo. It will have a 5×5 layout, but unlike 75-ball, a middle square is still a number. Most often, this type of bingo is horizontal lines online, but you might find vertical options too. 


Alongside the more traditional bingo games, there are also newer options like 50-ball bingo. Each site will have its style of 50-ball, but the premise is very similar. 

The most simple version is where each strip is five tickets, and the numbers are from 1-50. Just like other bingo games, each number is only called once, but unlike many other bingo games, there are only prizes paid for a full house and a one-line. 


If you want to play bingo but don’t have much time, 30-ball bingo is a great option. The grid is much smaller than other bingo grids and is made of just nine numbers in a small 3×3 square. Unlike the other types of bingo, due to the game’s size and speed, a win is only called for the house. 

How to Choose the Right Bingo Game for You

The best way to choose the type of bingo game you like to play is by playing them all! Once you are set on a type of bingo, like 90-ball or 30-ball, you can start exploring all the themes and games available. 

Be sure to check out the smaller games that are usually available within the game you are playing; typically, those are slots and scratch cards. 

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