You might be living in the United Kingdom, away from your loved ones who live in South or East Asia. You often make these calls, but it is muchhustle to remember the format for these calls.

Apart from the format, calling an international number can take away a lot from your credit, but this must be someone other than your excuse for calling a friend or a family member. The rates for international calling are huge, but we must make these calls to remain connected with our loved ones. So, what are our options?

Well, there are a lot of cost-effective alternatives that can help you save a lot. Although it seems too small to save credit, this small leakage from your pocket can help you save a lot in the longer run. Who doesn’t want to do that in today’s skyrocketing inflation?

Apart from discussing cost-effective ways, the blog also includes country codes for several countries so that you can easily make calls to different destinations without needing to remember the complicated formats. Reading the blog will enable you to make cost-effective calls to various destinations without thedifficultyof memorizing the formats.

How to Make an International Phone Call in 2023

To make an international call, specific rules will ease your job. First, you need to know that every country has a different dialing code, and to call a particular country, you need to dial the country code before the number. There can be multiple country codes for one single country depending on its geography.

Local area code comes after the country code; this further specifies your call to a specific city or town within a country. And finally, you can dial the number to place the call.

Have you tried dialing an international Number,and your mobile doesn’t allow you? If you have encountereda situation where you can make local calls but not international ones, you need to know that there must be a problem with your device’s settings.

If you have set your phone settings to hide caller ID, you will not be able to make international calls. Every phone has adifferent setting, and you need to check whether this feature is disabled on your device.

If you have this feature disabled and still have problems with international calls, your international calling access may be blocked.Contact the customer service support of your service provider for better assistance.

How to Save Money when Making International Phone Calls?

This must have taught you How to call an International Number, and it is now time to look for ways to help save money on these calls. Using the wrong way of making international calls can cost you massive amounts of money.

One of the ways to make cost-efficient international calls is to rely onvoice-over-internet Protocol (VoIP). VOIP allows you to make international calls even if your destination has no internet connection. British Expatriatesface the problem of internet connectivity when calling their native countries. VOIP works best for such countries and helps you make callswithout consideringinternet connectivity.

Multiple Apps are available to help you make VOIP calls. An example of one such app isthe Talk Home Appwhich allows you to call various destinations without charging you a penny. International calls placed through the Talk Home app are not dependent on the internet.Allowing you to eliminate worrying about internet connectivity. Imagine making international calls without an internet connection ina cost-efficientway.

Another essential step to save money on your international calls is to rely on the service provider that gives you better fairs for international calls. Not all service providers have the same rates for international calls.

And you will have to invest some time in researching which service provider gives a better fair for your desired destinations. You may consult your service provider’s website or contact their customer care center to know what they offer for international calls.

What Is the Format for Callingan International Number?

The format for international calling is Country Code + Local Area Code + Local Number.The country code usually starts with a (+) sign followed by two digits. The local area code is usually one to three digits long,indicating the city to which the call is being made.

Depending on the geography, a city may have more than one area code. A local number indicates the number to which the call is made. It is usually a seven-digit code that is unique for every customer.

For examples, if you aremaking an international call to New York City, USA you must dial +01, 718, and thelocal number (xxx XXXX).

The exact format would be: +01 718xxxxxxx

What Are Different Country Codes?  

There are 195 countries worldwide, and every country has a unique code. But you don’t make calls to all 195 countries, so whatyou can do is, remember the country codes of the countries you frequently call. This will help you avoid the hustle of jumping onto the internet for searching the country code each time you reach your loved one.

We have listed country codes for some countries that might help you out.

Name of CountryCountry Code

Bottom Line

These tips will help you call an international number with ease. You must drop the first zero if you have a local number starting with a zero. The first zero in local numbers is usually called trunk code, mostly used when calling domestically.

For example, if you are an expatriate calling a local number in Pakistan, that starts at 0300 XXX XXXX. You will have to drop the first zero and use country code +92 instead of it. The area code and local number will follow the country code. This will connect your call to the desired destination so you can speak with your loved ones.

Use cost-effective alternatives so you can Talk Home for hours.

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