In a world that is moving at warp speed through technological innovation, one industry has exploded: iGaming. This refers to interactive gaming, mostly where people play with a token of some kind.

It’s a market that has been doubling every few years, online research expected to reach $100 billion by 2024. This is a result of its popularity – people love playing, and engagement.

Twenty years ago, only a select few people played games online, by PC or console. Now, almost every second person plays online and can access the best online games on their phone.

Widespread internet access has revolutionised the iGaming industry. It means that more people can play, whenever they want.

Online poker sites such as offer features that can be played anywhere, from the bus to your bedroom. You can also find hundreds of other games if that’s not your favourite – there is no limit.

Because of the popularity of iGaming, and how that has increased steadily, developers are continuously innovating. Storytelling, design, cutting-edge graphics, animation and music are just some of the things that are tweaked regularly.

Technological innovation supports this, and it encourages the new trends we see emerging.

So, what does the future hold for iGaming according to online news?

We don’t even have to look too far ahead to see what is going to be a hit next year.

More availability of VR games

The possibilities for VR are truly measureless at this point, and many people have a basic grasp of the concept. However, reaching an affordable price point seems to be the hold-up at present.

In terms of iGaming, the ability to have further interaction with other players and incredible effects is a huge draw. For card games, there’s the prospect of 3D game tables and rooms that help recreate the casino atmosphere.

This is done through:

  • Sounds
  • Decor
  • Potentially enjoying your favourite tipple while you do it.

There are some instances where you can currently interact with live dealers. The point is to simulate the real life experience and take you out of your living room or bedroom.

VR will give people the capacity to show body movements such as hands, or facial expression. The anonymity of the screen will be gone!

Both developers and players are excited about the time when they can:

  • Play virtually in a Monte Carlo casino
  • Virtually sit at the bar trading tips with fellow players
  • Stroll down the Vegas trip and choose your favourite casino

New players will be attracted by intriguing prospects such as playing on the moon, or on a battlefield.

Those who have VR headsets have already been enjoying some of these features, but it is in its early stages. When companies such as 888 poker introduce this on a wider scale, the market will be ready.

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