Sports betting, if you’re not already familiar with it, is a type of gambling in which the bettor places a wager on the outcome of a sporting event. If the bettor doesn’t fancy betting on the outcome of the event itself, they may decide to lay a props bet on aspects of the event other than the result. 

Sports betting is hugely popular today. Bettors enjoy more convenience, and, in what has become a massive market, they have more betting options than ever before. They also enjoy more opportunities to win. All of this has made sports betting highly attractive, even to celebrities, who you might find using NY sportsbooks or other online sportsbooks because some major sports celebrities like to bet on sporting activities as well as be a part of it. Below is a look at sports stars who like to participate in sports betting.

Michael Jordan

It’s no secret that the basketball legend likes to wager on sports. Golf is one of his favorite sports when it comes to making a game that little bit more interesting. Rumor has it that Jordan has bet six-figure sums on games when playing in his spare time, and there have also been rumors he has lost more than $1 million on the golf course. 

From time to time, it’s thought he also places money on his sport, which is basketball of course, and on racing. If not betting on a sports event, he loves spending time in casinos. 

Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback retired earlier this year, which will give him more time to indulge in his leisure pursuits. This includes gambling. Brady loves passing the time at casinos, especially in Europe, and also offline, but he also has a passion for sports betting. Brady has been known to bet on various sports and is thought to like betting on the Super Bowl.  

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather Jr hasn’t received the nickname “Money” for nothing. The flashy boxer is well known for his love of sports betting and has laid down wagers on the NBA, the NCAAB and the NFL, and has made some huge wins from it. For instance, he won more than $42,000 when he bet that the underdog Dmitry Bivol would beat Canelo Alvarez. He’s also thought to have made as much as $4.7 million in just a month from betting on the NFL.

The world knows about Mayweather’s successes in sports betting because, often, he’ll take to Twitter to post about how he is more than just a few dollars up from a bet. You might be forgiven for thinking he’s the world’s greatest sports bettor when you see his account, but it’s not the case. He’s been on the wrong end of some huge losses and is believed to have lost around $50 million. One thing observers have noted, however, is that he stays away from drink and drugs, which stops him from getting too emotional when betting and allows him to make better decisions.

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Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley may have generated much excitement on the courts of the NBA with teams such as the Phoenix Suns, but he’s well known for getting his own excitement from the gaming world. In one weekend, he was reported to have earned around $700,000 from a combination of high-stakes blackjack and betting on the Super Bowl. Other trips to Vegas, however, have proven costly and he’s been witnessed to have lost around $2.5 million in just a couple of hours. 

It’s also been reported that he’s accumulated $10 million in losses over his career. Somewhat controversially, and despite acknowledging certain struggles with gambling, he has reportedly voiced his intention to continue because he has enough resources financially to continue pursuing it for leisure.

Phil Mickelson

By now it’s no secret that professional golfer Phil Mickelson likes a gamble. There’s even been a book written about his gambling habits: “Phil, The Rip Roaring and Unauthorized Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar.” The author of the book, Alan Shipnuck, has stated in a past interview that gambling is part of Mickelson’s legend, life and brand. 

Mickelson is thought to have lost as much as $40 million. The NFL is said to be one of his preferred areas of sports betting. The three-time Master’s winner was close friends with one of the best sports gamblers ever, Billy Walters, and people believe the two bets on sports together. 

Walters got sent to prison in 2017, but Mickelson avoided charges. When Walters gets out of prison, the world may find out more about Mickelson’s gambling habits. What he reveals may or may not be explosive as well.

Sports betting is an exciting leisure pursuit, one so exciting not even sports players themselves can resist it in some cases. Other personalities from the sports world who like to wager, some on sports, others on casino games, include Michael Phelps and Evander Kane.

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