As online sports betting continues to grow in the United States, so does the sportsbook advertising and different sports and betting lines available that people can bet on. Billions of dollars are being wagered by millions of players in an industry that keeps growing in financial significance and on-screen prominence.

With a new NASCAR season on the horizon and more people wanting to make NASCAR predictions and place a wager or two along the way, we’ve created this guide to give you the inside track on making your NASCAR and sports betting experience successful and fun.

Learn and Understanding Sports Betting

Before you engage in any activity, you should have some knowledge of what you are getting into. Being informed helps you navigate potentially tense situations and gives you more power to make informed and correct decisions during the activity. 

With online sports betting, you are wagering real money, so it is imperative that you are well-informed on everything sports betting. Do not go into any endeavor blind, especially in sports betting. Whether you are betting on a NASCAR Cup, Xfinity, Truck Series, or other sports like Formula 1 or the NFL, information is power and will lead to more success more often.

Fortunately, most online sportsbooks, betting insiders, and information sites have excellent guides and betting education sections to explain to you how to read the different types of odds, betting terminology, how betting lines work, deposit and withdrawal FAQs, and strategies for fun and safe online sports betting.

Play Within Your Means

Playing within your means is something everyone needs to do when gambling. Gambling is never fun when playing outside your financial or knowledge comfort zone, regardless of how much you’ve wagered.

You need to establish a bankroll with your online sportsbook (or sportsbooks) or choice, set a budget, and play within that budget. Chasing odds and huge underdogs will lead to the same disappointment and misery as betting with your heart or blindly placing a wager on a sport you aren’t knowledgeable in.

Playing within your means keeps sports betting fun by not putting too much on the line in any single bet while letting you brush off a loss, get back in the game, and have fun rather than chase wins to recoup losses or eliminate you from the game altogether. 

Shop Around Between Online Sportsbooks

As online gambling is increasingly legalized, there are more online sportsbook options for potential bettors to explore. Not all sportsbooks are created equal, and not all sportsbooks have the same sports or odds listed. 

Moreover, each online sportsbook will have different user interfaces, payment options, functionalities, welcome bonuses, and accessibility. If a sportsbook’s mobile app and live betting functionality are essential, you need to research the sportsbooks available and find the one for you.

You should shop around and find the online sportsbook that works the best for you, that features the sports you want while giving you excellent welcome bonuses to take advantage of. 

To bet on the NASCAR Xfinity Series, you must ensure that the online sportsbook you want to use lists Xfinity Series betting lines. Not all sportsbooks list every sport, while others will give you multiple betting lines per event to wager on, giving you more options to play and potentially win.

Keys to Successful NASCAR Betting

Being informed about sports betting and finding your sportsbook(s) of choice is only a part of the equation to betting on NASCAR; you also need to be well informed on NASCAR itself. 

And we don’t mean being informed by social media posts of the latest clash of cars or fists between drivers. We mean listening to the experts and paying attention to the data from the track itself. 

In sports betting and life in general, knowledge is power. To have the most knowledge to make the best NASCAR picks possible, you must rely on expert analysis, data, and your own eyes.

Pay Attention to Every NASCAR Session

Paying attention to every NASCAR session is time-consuming. However, to be successful in sports betting, you need to spend the time to research. 

When it comes to motorsports, the timing clock is everything, and performance and driver tendencies are key to every NASCAR Series event weekend. NASCAR provides multiple avenues for spectators to enjoy the races and sessions alongside their television broadcast partners. 

Not only does a deeper level of engagement make you a bigger fan of NASCAR, but it will also give you the inside track from which manufacturers or drivers are on top of things and performing on any given weekend.

Don’t Bet With Your Heart; Bet With the Data

Having access to NASCAR’s inside track of data is the knowledge you need to leverage against what the experts are saying and what you are seeing with your eyes before making a wager.

In motorsports and online sports betting, data is everything, and the data doesn’t lie. Real-world data is the most important information in your arsenal to get the inside track before betting on NASCAR. 

You may want a specific driver or team to win, but you cannot bet with your heart if you want to be consistently successful in betting on NASCAR. You need to use the data available and make the best pick possible, and this data is readily provided to you by NASCAR live and directly from the track to your computer or mobile device.

Place Different Kinds of Wagers on a NASCAR Race

Unlike the stick and ball sports you might bet on, motorsports contain a significant technological component that complicates every race weekend. Reliability issues, technological failures in the car or the pit lane, or driver error in close quarters at high speed can and will factor into every race weekend and could make your bet lose early in the race.

We recommend spreading your betting budget out on different types of bets throughout the weekend, using the data to help guide your picks. Most sportsbooks will allow you to bet on numerous lines, like who will qualify first, alongside the winner of the race. 

You’ll also have numerous prop bets, like who will lead the most laps, caution flags, the winning team, and the top five or six finishers. By wagering on different betting lines, you will be giving yourself more opportunities to win while giving you a deeper focus on the in-race action we all come to the NASCAR Series for.

For more seasoned NASCAR fans, there will be a variety of future bets available to test your knowledge and feel for the sport, picking eventual Cup Series winning driver and manufacturer long before we know where the chips lay. 

Pick Your Spots Early in the Season

Finally, with a new season comes a certain level of unpredictability. We recommend picking your betting spots early in the season as the field and teams settle into a new season and sprint toward the NASCAR Cup Playoffs. 

Don’t go all-in on the first race. Every motorsports season is different. Let the field sort themselves into the contenders and pretenders before making any significant wagers on a NASCAR race. As the season unfolds and using the data and expert analysis available, you’ll soon find yourself having fun and being successful in betting on NASCAR.

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