Memes comparing coding vs. reality have been common throughout the internet. Perhaps you might have seen such and wondered what they mean. Well, this article is here to present you with a new perspective. The use of films presents ideas regarding the entire issue of coding and the pursuit of computer science and related careers. As an enthusiast, you might be interested in knowing facts about computer science in movies, and Hollywood offers you just that.

Despite the publicity in the film industry, you might be interested in knowing the best movies about computer science. This attribute is the focus of this article, and we hope you’ll be able to get the most out of it.

Computer Science Movies for Students

Computer science and the general technology domain are among the most thrilling and interesting topics to explore. The entertainment and motivation that comes with watching the films are unprecedented. Thus, it makes sense when each student is out there looking to know more about the top movies about computer science.

Interestingly, most people tend to derive inspiration to work on any given activity from idolizing celebrities or people deemed to have some supernatural capabilities. Films are not an option, with the extraordinary stroking of the keyboard and streams of code displayed on the screen seeming to click well with the young and curious minds of the students. In this regard, you must know what to watch as an individual or maybe as a teacher who looks to reignite the interest of the class in coding.

5 Best Movies about Computer Science

Several motivational films you can use to reignite your interest or that of your students in programming. Most of these have coding scenes, plots, or backgrounds. Therefore, they are good for the young and curious minds of the students or anyone interested in gaining some interest in computer science through visual stimulation.

Some of the best movies about computer science, in no particular order, include:

The Social Network

The film was released in 2010 and featured the early development process of one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook. The main character depicts Mark Zuckerberg’s personality and attempts to highlight the struggles surrounding the establishment and progression of the social networking platform. The Social Network is an inspirational movie built around coding, high-tech startups, and the ivy league environment.


Snowden is a biographical crime drama centered around one of the world’s renowned security consultants, Edward Snowden. He is an American former computer intelligence consultant who was arrested for leaking NSA’s private information while he worked for the organization as a specialist and subcontractor. It is a perfect film for computer science enthusiasts interested in exploring the domain of mainframe security, instilling the virtue of remaining ethical in all activities.

The Internship

This film features two salesmen, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, who manage to secure a chase in Google’s most coveted internship program. While there, the two men compete against a group of young tech geniuses. Based on its presentation, the film is ideal for those interested in starting a career in tech who have been reluctant due to their advanced age.


This movie brings to the screen a successful computer programmer working with a troubling employer. Most of the characters are gurus or techies, making it more relatable to any computer science enthusiasts. However, its massive use of fake GUIs will make you cringe if you have some experience with computers. Despite this, it is one of the most inspirational films for newbie computer programmers.

Indie Game: The Movie

This documentary features one of the best journeys of Indie game developers. If you’re interested in building a career in the realm of game development, then this is a must-watch. The entire film features excellent shots and an engaging story-telling, presenting the whole game development cycle in detail.

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How Does Computer Science Impact Movies?

Computers are the backbone of all modern industries. Therefore, you must understand how they impact some of the industries that are dependent on technological innovations. One such field is the film industry, which depends on computers throughout production and distribution. The following are some ways computers and computer science impact the film industry:

  • Editing of the films: Film producers usually shoot the movies in parts before piecing them together to form a narrative. Initially, the process was done by cutting and patching together the fragments. However, with technological developments, computer scientists have established programs such as Adobe premiere pro, which filmmakers can use to edit films faster.
  • Troubleshooting of the computer systems: Sometimes, the computers used in filming might develop technical problems. In such an instance, computer science professionals must chip in and ensure everything is in place, saving the production process from stalling.
  • Film animation: This aspect has been there for a long time, just like the film industry. As time passes, producers have turned to using technology in animation, utilizing 3D techniques. Further, the entire filming process, including storyboarding, rendering, texturing, lighting, and modeling, is done on computers. The changes have made the whole film process creation fast and efficient, contributing to the industry’s growth.

Summing Up

In sum, the film industry and computer science have much to share. The fields have evolved to be interdependent, with the film industry depending on computer science solutions to boost its productivity while film-related projects, particularly on computer science facts, bring in more enthusiasts who are likely to turn into professionals. In the same breath, this article has presented some of the films that stand out to ignite your interest in computer science. Further, it has explained how computer science has proved helpful to the film industry, projecting a more symbiotic relationship between the two fields. Thus, we hope that you’ll find the article informative and perhaps get to fall for any of the listed films.

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