Watching movies or series on your phone may be the most comforting after a long day at work. Not only is it convenient, but it’s also easier to play a movie on your phone and also switch between the apps if you want to discuss the film with someone or simply do a video call and watch something together. 

However, spending too much time with your eyes directed at the screen might be detrimental to your eyes’ health. The blue light comes from the screens of smartphones, and it has been shown that it can boost alertness and elevate mood. 

While these are positive parts of blue light, it seems more harmful to the eyesight. People spend too much time on their devices, which could damage retinal cells after constant exposure. 

Unfortunately, our eyes are not that good at blocking blue light, which is why it’s recommended to get anti-blue light glasses, even though technology made it possible to watch movies on a phone with eSIM iPhone cards. That’s because too much exposure in the long term can contribute to affections like cataracts and eye cancer. 

But is it that bad to watch movies on your phone?

Is Watching Movies on Your Smartphone Bad for Your Eyesight?

Why Do People Prefer Watching Movies on Their Phones?

Watching movies, series or anime on the phone is preferred by people mostly because it’s comfortable. Whether they’re commuting, eating lunch or laying in bed before sleep, it’s easier to log into Netflix from a smartphone than a laptop or computer.

At the same time, technology developed so much that you can now simply get data for watching series on your phone, even if you’re traveling internationally. For example, getting eSIM iPhone requires only an installation and activation of the services, after which you can freely watch your series wherever you are.

The convenience of watching movies on phones is also because mobile technology has developed so much. If you could only make calls and send messages before with older phones, you can now make a video call with friends, open the streaming service and watch your favorite episode together at high quality. That’s why most people get an e-SIM card because it’s compatible with most common phone manufacturers and is also affordable.

Streaming services complied in regard to an increasing need

The increased demand for using smartphones on one’s phones made streaming services add special features for those who use their services on a mobile phone. Most movies and shows were indeed shot in a certain aspect ratio, which is why some of them have black bars on the top and bottom of the phone screen. 

However, streaming companies have made considerable efforts to approach the alteration of the creation in order to fit smaller screens and allow customers to enjoy the highest quality and experience when watching a movie on the phone.

This process is called adaptive bitrate streaming (ABS), which allows the original file version to be changed in different compression qualities. What’s great is that a regular internet connection provides decent bandwidth services, which is why an increasing number of customers ditched TVs and laptops for movie-watching.

Movie critics judge this trend

While regular customers happily watch their series from the comfort of their own bed, movie critics and enthusiasts disagree with this movement, stating that it’s ruining the whole experience. 

Some say that smartphone screens “devalue the art” behind the movie. That’s because people consider that the ability to watch movies from anywhere, skip moments or take pauses decreases the value of the artwork, and movies or series need to be enjoyed in a flowy state.

Some filmmakers also state that this is affecting the movie industry since people can pick up something and immediately drop it if they don’t instantly like what they see. This also puts pressure on creators to begin their movies or shows with something spectacular, which needs more investments.  

Streaming services are simply following the demand

The truth is that supporting local cinemas is slowly losing ground to technology. It’s much cheaper and easier to watch movies at home, where you pay a fairly monthly price and have access to a multitude of creations. 

However, you must pay for each ticket when going to the cinema, and sometimes they can be quite pricey for only one service. At the same time, the snacks provided at cinemas and theaters are always expensive due to the fact that these companies make a part of their revenue from concessions.

On the other hand, watching movies at home allows you to get whatever snacks you want and not disturb anyone while eating. Theaters also have a limited offer of what you can eat, and you’re not allowed to bring snacks from the outside.

Unfortunately, cinemas and theaters are suffering from this situation, and plenty of them are closing their business. In the short term, this means that fewer cinemas will be operating in bigger cities. Maybe at one point, they’ll disappear. This is most likely to happen since VR headsets are becoming more affordable, and they enhance the movie-watching experience at another level.

Should you continue watching movies on your phone?

Supporting local cinemas and theaters is difficult, but you can still go and watch a movie “the old way” from time to time. Still, considering our capitalist lives, it’s less likely that anyone can save these businesses.

Therefore, you can watch movies or shows on your smartphone since it provides a great experience, is high quality, and is affordable. 

However, it’s best to limit your screen time or use special glasses to block the blue light in order to avoid straining your eyes. You have all the time in the world to watch as many art pieces as you like, so it’s best to take it easy.

Bottom line

Regardless of what filmmakers and movie critics say, technology is replacing traditional ways of doing things, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Sometime in the future, people will accommodate this new thing. Until then, watch anything you like on your preferred streaming service and enjoy your time. 

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