You may call it old school, but we believe nothing makes a better choice than heart diamonds for a special lady. This shape is the universal symbol of love, so why not choose it for perhaps the most important jewelry item you own? But as much as this shape is popular otherwise, it is not the first choice when it comes to engagement rings.

The fact is that heart diamonds are usually larger in size because it requires the stone size to be at least one-half carat. The good news is that although an uncommon choice in the past, the heart diamonds are finally getting the attention they deserve. Perhaps you too might find it a great shopping for your next diamond shopping spree. But first, let’s learn what heart diamonds at diamonds-USA are all about.

Heart Diamonds- What are they all about

This shape has been a symbol of love for years and will continue to be for generations to come. These diamonds are as special as they are unique, for they sell by only a tiny fraction of the rest of the types of diamonds every year. But all that is changing now because heart diamonds are becoming more popular worldwide.

A look at the selling trends of diamonds tells us that more than two-thirds of the precious stones up for sale in the markets are round brilliants. By comparison, these diamond jewelry items sold only at a tiny fraction of this estimate. But this is also why their jewelry pieces are unique.

We can trace the origin of the first heart diamonds all the way to the 16th century, which was a gift to Queen Elizabeth from Queen Mary. The first diamond served as a token of friendship, but years and years later, it serves as a symbol of love.

You can figure out how the trend for heart diamonds is picking up because megastars like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have recently sported these. The giant heart diamond paves ring that Lady Gaga wore as a symbol of her love for Taylor Kinney gained worldwide attention.

Heart diamonds
ladygaga. He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I said YES!

The interesting fact about heart diamonds is that despite appearing very different, this exquisite shape is actually based on the popular round cut. These brilliant heart diamonds have fifty-six to fifty-eight facets that make up its pavilion.

Depending on the finesse of the diamond cutter, your heart diamond can have spectacular brilliance if they cut it to the highest level of quality. What could be better than the most exquisite shape to symbolize your and your partner’s love?

Heart diamonds
  • 1.30 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Heart-shaped
  •  Diamond in a Heart-shaped Pendant

Factors that Influence the Appearance of the heart  Diamonds

The length and width of the heart diamonds at varites to a great extent. The fact is that these two elements have the greatest effect on appearance. When you’re out to choose a spectacular stone for yourself, here’s what you need to know.

Cut off the Heart Diamonds

When you’re comparing different diamonds for your purchase, you must consider the cut quality of heart diamonds first. But judging the quality of the cut of these diamonds is far from easy, especially for untrained eyes.

The challenge lies in the fact that these stone sellers provide a GIA certificate that does not provide much detail about the cut quality of the stone. If you buy other round brilliant diamonds, you’ll find detailed information regarding the cut quality and other factors, but sadly it is not the same for these stones.

Hence, you must examine the stone. It is best to look for a de with precision and as much careful attention to detail as you can before your purchase. Here are some factors through which you can assess the cut appearance and quality of these diamonds.

Table and Depth

The table is the top flat facet you will find in any shape, which is pretty similar to other diamond cuts too. Diamond sellers typically express the percentage of the stone’s table as a percentage of the width. The table size is also a key feature that determines the amount of light that can make its way into the diamond and bounce off other facets.

This activity is truly the reason behind the sparkle of the stone. A heart-shaped stone within 56% to 66% depth is an ideal pick.

The Ratio of Length to Width of Heart Diamonds

To pick an ideal heart-shaped diamond, you must look for one whose length-to-width ratio is approximately 1.00. This will mean that the gemstone is as long as it is wide. An ideal ratio like this will also make the stone look natural and proportionate.


The heart is a complicated shape to accomplish in precious jewelry items. This means you have to be extra vigilant in assessing a diamond with an asymmetrical cut. For starters, you must check the cleft, which is the point that faces inward of the diamond.

Then comes the sharp point, lying at the bottom of the gemstone. Next, you must analyze the lobes, which are the rounded portions creating the heart shape of the stone. Then you must also look at the wing and belly of each side of your precious stone.


Before you set out to buy a diamond, whether it is a princess, round, cushion, or heart-shaped cut, you must learn about the 4Cs. Clarity is the most important of all, although others are too because it determines the value and purity of the stone.

Clarity is basically the absence of impurities, dirt, and internal blemishes in the stone. Heart diamonds that have higher clarity mean they possess very few blemishes and inclusions and are very close to perfect.

Final Thoughts

Heart-shaped diamonds are an exquisite choice, especially when you have to incorporate them into a meaningful jewelry piece like a ring. A heart-shaped diamond is the best expression of love but also quite a rare choice, considering how this shape sells at only a fraction of the other popular diamond choices.

However, when choosing a heart-shaped diamond, it is important to assess a few important factors to ensure you’re making a worthy investment.

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