Celebrities not only excel in their areas of expertise, but some also have a talent for playing poker. From award-winning actors to chart-topping musicians, a remarkable group of famous individuals has embraced the thrill and strategy of poker. They’ve traded the red carpet for green felt, captivating fans and fellow players alike with their game mastery.

In this intriguing exploration, we delve into the world of celebrity poker players. Get ready to be amazed as we peel back the curtain on these fascinating personas and reveal the surprising secrets of the celebrities who excel at poker.


The allure of poker reaches even into the realm of music, captivating several rappers who delight in partaking in a game or two of Texas Hold’Em whenever the opportunity arises. Among these aficionados is the renowned Jay-Z, who has garnered fame for his affinity for poker and has been spotted gracing the poker rooms of London during his tours. Although rumors suggest that he may have endured substantial losses in his early ventures, Jay-Z’s financial stature likely allows him to weather such setbacks.

Over time, Jay-Z has elevated his skills and reportedly improved his performance on the poker table. He probably plays online poker games to sharpen his skills. Notably, he engages in poker sessions with fellow celebrities, and there are reports of him participating in exclusive games alongside the likes of Kevin Hart and Alex Rodriguez.

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon’s life has been a series of triumphs. Before achieving global fame for her role as Nadia in the American Pie trilogy, she showcased remarkable talent in tennis, contemplating a professional career in the sport. However, her love for poker soon took center stage.

Describing it as her “second career,” she immersed herself in the game, competing with top players in Las Vegas and earning recognition as a formidable poker player through notable tournament cashes and a semi-final finish in the NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship. Even though her live poker results have waned in recent years, her skills remain sharp, and should she return to the tables, she would undoubtedly bring fierce competition.

Jenifer Tilly

Hollywood actress Jennifer Tilly’s enduring passion for poker was sparked by a thoughtful gift from her father – the popular video poker game ‘World Series of Poker.’ This introduction to the game ignited a flame of interest that still burns brightly within her to this day.

Tilly’s poker journey boasts an impressive record, with over $1 million in live poker earnings and the prestigious accolade of a WSOP bracelet. Her crowning achievement came in 2005 when she emerged victorious in the Ladies No-Limit Texas Hold ’em event. Guiding her along this path was her professional poker-playing boyfriend, Phil Laak, with whom she has shared a relationship since 2004.

Jennifer frequently partakes in high-stakes cash games, consistently showcasing her capabilities and reinforcing her status as a bracelet holder through a remarkable tally of over 60 cashes in live poker tournaments. Even in more recent times, such as the 2019 WSOP, she demonstrated her prowess with four in-the-money finishes, reaffirming her enduring presence in poker.

Brad Garrett

Stand-up comedian Brad Garrett, renowned for his towering 6’9″ stature, endeared himself to fans of Everybody Loves Raymond. Beyond his comedic pursuits, Garrett proudly identifies himself as a part-time professional poker player. Notably, he appeared on Poker Night in America, where he engaged in a memorable exchange with the infamous “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth, reprimanding him for his continued trash-talking tendencies.

In 2005, Garrett achieved his most significant live cash victory by emerging triumphant in Season 5 of the Celebrity Poker Showdown Championship, securing a handsome $100,000 for his stellar performance. Subsequently, he has accumulated a series of modest cashes at various live poker events, including two at the esteemed WSOP (World Series of Poker) and, most recently, one at the 2022 Aria Poker Classics in Las Vegas.

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