The history between casino gaming and movies has been very interesting. Many people first encountered casino games in James Bond 007 movies. Movies and casino games have an important shared history that is still growing strong today. Movies have always struck an important chord among casino game lovers. Before casino games with different themes became popular, physical casino gaming enjoyed huge patronage because of the various movie adaptations of casino games available.

How Movies Helped to Popularize Casino Gaming

Casino gaming is one of the most historic entertainment forms. From the 60s to the 80s, it began to feature prominently in movies. These movies with casino gaming scenes and storylines enjoyed rave reviews among viewers. While the acting and plots of the stories were great, people loved the movies because these movies laid casino gaming bare before them. Casinos have always been out of reach for most people. Some thought it was a huge crime scene where the toughest of criminals passed the time. People with these thoughts are solely not to blame for the negative view about casino because the entry barrier was high due to casino providers’ preference for rich patrons. These movies started to promote accessibility to casinos and showed viewers what happens behind the walls of a casino.

Casino Games with TV Series

Since realizing that casino gamers also share a deep love for movies, casino gaming developers started to improve the casino gaming experience via movie adaptations. This works because a popular movie storyline, characters, and elements are infused into a casino game. This is most common with slots, roulette, and other popular online casino games. Some of the biggest TV series that have been adapted to casino games include:

Game of Thrones

The story about 7 kingdoms and the iron throne is much talked about among movie lovers. It is one of the most intriguing stories to ever grace television, plus its prequel House of the Dragon, is not doing badly. In adapting Game of Thrones as a slot game, casino gaming developers use insignias belonging to each house and their favorite occupation/weapons to represent different points on slot machines. Playing a Game of Thrones slot helps to keep the memories of Kings Landing, Winterfell, and other iconic parts of the TV series alive.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is one of the most popular game shows with huge ratings in different parts of the world. People try to win money when they play Deal or No Deal. Casino games with Deal or No Deal themes use elements from the highly intense game to determine players’ chances as they play.

Lord of the Rings

Lords of the Rings is another top movie commonly adapted as a casino game. The story in the movie centers around the quest for an immortal ring by its main characters, Frodo, Pippin, Sam, and Legolas, under the guidance of the Great Gandalf. Although many of the obstacles faced by these characters and the magic in Lords of the Rings cannot be exactly replicated in casino games, their elements are duly represented to deliver a full experience to gamers.

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