WellnessLiving is a cloud-based business management software provider for businesses in the health and wellness industry. Their platform helps companies attract, engage and retain clients.

Its suite of tools includes appointment booking, point of sale, automated marketing, customer relationship management and staff/resource scheduling. Furthermore, users can track performance and headcount with this software.

These are just some of the main features of online booking software, allowing businesses to streamline their operations and improve customer engagement.

Take Your Gym to The Next Level.

Established in 2013, WellnessLiving is a business management software tailored for gyms, fitness studios, spas and salons. It helps owners schedule classes, appointments and events, process payments quickly and increase member engagement.

This interactive calendar displays upcoming appointments, classes and staff. Furthermore, there’s an online store and real-time booking capabilities.

The platform also utilizes automated email, SMS text messages and push notifications to stay in touch with clients. Furthermore, its customer loyalty programs can encourage repeat bookings and boost client retention rates.

FitVID on Demand allows you to provide live virtual classes to your clients from any device. Simply set the classes up as virtual and they will appear in their online schedule.

Through Reserve’s integration with Google, clients can now book your services directly from Google Maps and search results. This will increase bookings and boost revenue. Furthermore, you can create and launch marketing campaigns to promote your services further.

Get to Know Your Clients Like Never Before.

WellnessLiving’s Business Management Software helps fitness operators plan classes, appointments and events; manage staff; process payments; and increase member engagement. Plus, the company offers a loyalty rewards program for customers to earn points that can be redeemed on booking virtual or in-person classes, referring a friend, making a purchase or more!

Clients can quickly and conveniently register for their initial session online, storing all their personal information in one central location. Furthermore, they have the option to subscribe to a monthly membership plan, filling in any empty time slots while automating credit card collections.

WellnessLiving not only allows clients to register, but it also enables you to send automated emails, SMS and push notifications with them in order to stay in touch. This feature can be especially beneficial when engaging with customers who haven’t visited in some time or reaching out to new potential clients after filling out an online form. Furthermore, WellnessLiving gives you the ability to set up direct booking links when creating classes or services so students can book directly from your website.

Manage Your Staff Like a Pro.

WellnessLiving’s Business Management Software provides an all-inclusive online booking, resource scheduling, point of sale system, lead generation capabilities and reporting solution tailored to health and wellness businesses such as yoga studios, spas, salons, fitness gyms, pilates studios and dance clubs.

The app assists businesses in increasing their revenue through online scheduling capabilities. It also provides automated SMS and email confirmations, reminders, and other important details.

Clients can register for classes and appointments online, paying their fees quickly. Furthermore, an eCommerce function enables establishments to sell merchandise and process payments using credit cards with ease.

Performance tracking tools enable owners to recognize staff members who are excelling at their jobs. Furthermore, payroll management features guarantee employees receive compensation accurately and on time.

Furthermore, the software’s sophisticated reporting and analytic features offer business owners a comprehensive overview of their establishment’s financial health, headcount, and other metrics. With this insight, they can empower their employees and guarantee that resources are in optimal condition.

Instantly Gain Deep Insight Into Your Salon Business.

Take your business to the next level with more than just booking clients – you need insight into current and potential customers as well. The right business management software can give you this data so you can increase retention rates and expand your spa, salon or fitness studio.

WellnessLiving provides a suite of tools to get to know your clients and enhance their experience. These include a transformation log, client profiles, advanced reporting, automated marketing (emails/SMS), form builder for surveys/questionsnaires, as well as built-in rewards to create an incentive program.

Gain unprecedented insights into your business with a range of custom reports and exportable Excel templates. These reports provide the data you need to stay on top of key metrics, so you can make informed decisions about staffing, payroll, inventory, marketing strategy, and more with confidence.

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