Bienvenidos! Are you looking for exciting and culturally rich television shows to add to your watchlist? The Spanish-language programming on Disney+ is your best option. These shows have something to offer everyone, regardless of whether you speak Spanish natively or are just trying to get better at it. You’ll be engrossed by the compelling narrative and outstanding performers, whether in gripping thrillers or touching family dramas. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 8 must-watch Spanish TV shows you can watch on Disney+ and, hopefully, on dish Latino TV packages. So, grab your favorite snack and settle in for a binge-worthy adventure.

  1. Los Espookys

In the comedy series Los Espookys, a group of buddies uses their passion for horror to make money by planning elaborate surprises for their customers. Fred Armisen is among the excellent Latin American actors in the program, which is based in a fictional Latin American nation. Los Espookys has won praise from critics for its original idea, quirky comedy, and uplifting portrayal of Latinx culture.

  1. Monarca

Tequila billionaires in Mexico are the setting of the family drama Monarca. The Carranza family is followed throughout the film as they deal with power struggles, scandals, and family secrets. Monarca has garnered appreciation for its stunning imagery and engaging plot. Irene Azuela and Osvaldo Benavides are among the talented actors in the ensemble group.

  1. Violetta

In the musical teen drama Violetta, a quiet yet gifted adolescent girl with singing aspirations, is the main character. Martina Stoessel and Jorge Blanco are among the many foreign performers that appear in the Buenos Aires-based production. Violetta is renowned for its upbeat music, dance sequences, and inspirational message of pursuing your ambitions.

  1. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

The cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is composed mainly of Latinx performers, even if it is not entirely in Spanish. A group of high school students performs High School Musicals at their school, and the show follows them while they do it. Fans of the original High School Musical movies should watch the program since it is full of upbeat music, dance numbers, and natural teenage drama.

  1. Bia

A group of young artists is the focus of the teenage musical drama Bia as they pursue their interests and deal with the highs and lows of adolescence. A fantastic group of performers, including Isabela Souza and Julio Pea, perform in the production set in a fictional city. The film Bia has received accolades for portraying diversity and inclusiveness in a good light and for its memorable tunes and believable plots.

  1. Pablo Escobar: The Drug Lord

Pablo Escobar: The Drug Lord is an exciting glimpse at the life of one of the most prominent drug lords in history for people who love real crime dramas. In the Colombian-based drama, which stars Andres Parra, Pablo Escobar’s ascent and collapse are shown. A lot of people have complimented Pablo Escobar: The Drug King for its powerful story and its cast’s excellent performances.

  1. Soñadores 

A group of immigrants travels to Spain to pursue a better life, as shown in the endearing family drama Soñadores. The program follows the Reyes family as they adjust to their new home and deal with the difficulties of living abroad. Soñadores has earned recognition for its cast’s solid performances and accurate portrayal of immigrant communities.

  1. Elite

The teen drama series Elite is set in a prominent private school in Spain. The film centers on three working-class children who win grants to attend the exclusive institution, where they are exposed to a world of affluence, power, and scandal. They struggle to fit in and are involved in a murder investigation that might reveal their deepest secrets. Due to its captivating plot, breathtaking cinematography, and superb ensemble, Elite has become a fan favorite.

Final Thoughts

Spanish-speaking countries’ rich traditions and abilities are celebrated in the variety of Spanish TV series available on Disney+. These shows have something to interest any viewer, whether they prefer drama, humor, or suspense. These shows will keep you hooked and delighted because of their excellent production values, great actors, and compelling narrative. 

So why not expand your horizons and discover the world of Spanish television with these eight must-watch shows? Take your remote, settle in, and get ready to go to new and exciting worlds.

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