In the face of claims that he was unfaithful, Adam Levine and his wife Behati Prinsloo put up a unified front as they were seen together for the first time.

The musician and his expectant wife were seen picking up their two kids from school in Montecito, California, in photographs obtained by Daily Mail on Tuesday.

Levine, who was beaming, was dressed in a red band t-shirt and black shorts, while Prinsloo, 34, opted for a white T-shirt and a bun for her hairstyle.

Three models accused the Maroon 5 singer, 43, of chasing them, and one of the models said she had a “physical” encounter with him. This put the artist in deep water.

The first to speak up was Sumner Stroh, who exclusively revealed to Page Six that she claimed her relationship with Levine began after she “graduated college in 2021” and lasted “approximately a year.”

Why Did Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Spot Together After Being Accused of Cheating?

Stroh shared images of her conversations with the “She Will Be Loved” singer in a popular TikTok video.

It is truly unbelievable how f-king hot you are, said one of the messages. Like, my mind is blown. In response to the allegations, the “The Voice” presenter, who has been married to Prinsloo since 2014, denied having an affair but said that he “stepped a boundary.”

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Levine posted a statement on Instagram on Tuesday, saying, “I used bad judgment in chatting with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirty manner.

“Even though I didn’t have an affair, I crossed the line during a regretful time in my life. It became unsuitable in several circumstances. With my family, I have brought that up and taken aggressive measures to fix the situation.

Levine, who has already acknowledged cheating on his wife before getting married, continued by pledging his devotion to his wife and family, claiming that they are “everything I care about in this world.”

“The biggest mistake I could have ever made was to be this naive and stupid enough to risk the only thing that actually mattered to me. I won’t succeed again. I accept full accountability. We would overcome it together, he said, adding that we will.

Prinsloo, who is carrying their third child at the moment, has not yet made any public comments regarding the accusations but is apparently “extremely angry.”

Soon after the declaration, two additional models spoke about their interactions with the “Girls Like You” singer.

Alyson Rosef, one of the two who first came forward, released further purported messages from Levine in since-deleted TikTok videos.

I shouldn’t be talking to you, you realize [that] right?, the singer appeared to have texted, according to one of the green screen TikToks.

The second woman, comedian Maryka, revealed a few of her reported direct messages (DMs) with Levine, starting with his alleged message to her, “I’m now infatuated with you.”

Why Did Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Spot Together After Being Accused of Cheating?

Maryka asked, “Dude, aren’t you like married,” to which Levine allegedly answered, “Yes, but it’s kind of difficult.” Things get difficult, and the video thing wasn’t helpful. I might escape.

Maryka also shared a selfie-style video that she supposedly received from Levine, in which he is heard stating, “I’m foolish,” however it is unclear to what video she was alluding.

Above the video, the comedian wrote “Yes.”

Page Six has contacted Rosef and Maryka for comments but has not independently verified the veracity of the purported communications.

Levine has not reacted to our requests for comment or addressed the accusations made by the two influencers publicly.

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