King Cairo, 11, is Tyga’s child, and he has requested sole custody of him in their ongoing legal battle with his ex, Blac Chyna. After examining court records, The Blast revealed on Monday that the 33-year-old rapper had filed a petition in Southern California offering Chyna, 35, a “reasonable right of parenting time to the party without physical custody.”

The most recent document in the case was submitted in front of a hearing in November where the court will consider the visiting and custody plans for the celebrity ex-couples who are co-parenting King Cairo, who turned 11 on Monday.

According to the site, Chyna had previously asked the court in August for a “petition to determine parental relationship,” the establishment of child support, and “joint custody” of the Freaky Deaky singer. The Compton, California native had responded to those requests.

The Blast stated that the musician, whose full name is Micheal Ray Stevenson, requested a court order or “written permission from the other parent or party, to take the children out of the state of California.”

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Tyga, who is in court right now with Blac Chyna, is requesting exclusive custody of her 11-year-old son King Cairo because she claims he hasn't been cooperative with co-parenting.

In the custody dispute with the Rack City singer, Chyna—real name: Angela Renée White—asked the judge to ‘ make orders for support of the children and issue an earnings assignment without further notice to either side’.

In court documents, Chyna—who is also the mother of Dream, her six-year-old daughter with Rob Kardashian, 36—said that she was compelled to sell her personal items in order to pay mounting legal fees as a result of her custody dispute with the rapper. 

Records that TMZ was able to obtain earlier this month provided insight into Chyna’s financial hardships as well as the purported co-parenting difficulties she has been having with Tyga, who has spent a significant portion of the year romantically linked to singer Avril Lavigne, 39. 

Chyna claimed that despite asking Tyga for help, she has only been able to pay her expenses by consigning her shoes, purses, and clothes to friends and relatives as well as through an online marketplace. Chyna claims that through selling her possessions, she has generated over $178,000, but she acknowledges that this is simply a short-term fix because ultimately she won’t have any more things to sell. 

In addition, Chyna brought up problems she had been having with Tyga, with whom she shares co-parenting their child. Chyna alleges Tyga has been interfering with her limited time with their son, even though the reality star apparently only gets 24 hours a week to spend with King.

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Tyga, who is in court right now with Blac Chyna, is requesting exclusive custody of her 11-year-old son King Cairo because she claims he hasn't been cooperative with co-parenting.

Tyga allegedly withheld important information from Chyna, including direct communication. She informed the judge that the rapper declined to communicate with her directly and wouldn’t give her his contact details or King’s address. She also alleges that he has been hiding important details regarding their child’s welfare, safety, and health.

She claims that this includes the address of their child’s school and his prescription details. However, a number of Chyna’s assertions have been debunked by people with knowledge of the case.

According to the insiders who spoke with TMZ, Chyna is aware of her son’s residence, and Tyga has been paying for their son’s private school tuition, medical expenditures, and the majority of their daily costs.

Chyna demands $125,000 from her ex-boyfriend to pay for her accounting and legal expenses. In addition, she requests a court injunction so that Tyga cannot obstruct their son’s normal and steady schedule. 

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Tyga, who is in court right now with Blac Chyna, is requesting exclusive custody of her 11-year-old son King Cairo because she claims he hasn't been cooperative with co-parenting.

Court records that The Blast was able to get show that Chyna requested on July 24 that their son’s joint legal and physical custody be divided and that she be given full access to all information regarding his whereabouts and other facts. 

In the document, Chyna expressed her opinions about what should be done in the “best interest of the child” and revealed data about King’s present living arrangement that are currently unknown. After meeting Tyga in 2011 on the set of his music video Rack City, Chyna dated him for three years.

Before divorcing in 2014, the ex-couples received their son, King Cairo Stevenson, in 2012 and were briefly engaged. She started dating her ex-fiance, Rob Kardashian, in public in 2016. Rob Kardashian is the father of her six-year-old daughter, Dream.

In 2017, Chyna got a restraining order against Kardashian for allegedly uploading pictures of her online in her underwear. Chyna had accused him of breaking California’s revenge porn legislation at the time. The former stripper has completely changed her life in the last year, going sober, getting her plastic surgery undone, and discovering Christianity. 

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