“Rick and Morty” has at last disclosed the voice actors who will be succeeding Justin Roiland.

Rick Sanchez now hears from Ian Cardoni, while Morty Smith is portrayed by Harry Belden. On Sunday evening, their identities appeared in the credits for the Season 7 premiere. Additionally, the customary “Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon” was absent from the opening credits, which featured only the “Rick and Morty” logo.

September marked the debut of the Season 7 trailer, in which the characters’ new voices were first heard, but Adult Swim refused to identify the individuals responsible. The final credits for “Rick and Morty” were omitted from screeners distributed prior to the season’s release, and despite assurances from show representatives that the names of the voice actors would be disclosed under embargo prior to the Season 7 premiere on October 15, Adult Swim reneged on that promise on Friday via email, stating, “We will continue to maintain the confidentiality of the names of the new voice cast actors until Sunday night’s east coast premiere.”

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Adult Swim terminated Roiland in January subsequent to his acquittal on domestic violence charges. He co-created “Rick and Morty” with Dan Harmon and provided the voices for multiple other characters on the show. The allegation against him was subsequently dismissed by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office in March. NBC published an article in September alleging that Roiland had used his notoriety to entice and meet with several adolescent women over the course of his career. One of the women made a claim of sexual assault against Roiland; Roiland, via his attorney, has refuted the allegations.

“Rick and Morty” chronicles the intergalactic travels of the patriarch and grandson of the same name. Adult Swim made light of the new accents in the logline for the upcoming season, in addition to the trailer: The summary states, “Rick and Morty have returned and sound more like themselves than ever before.” “The seventh season has begun, and the potential outcomes are boundless: what is Jerry up to? Adrenalize the summer! Furthermore, do they intend to return to secondary school? Perhaps not! Nonetheless, let’s discover! Probably less ire exists than it did last season. “Rick and Morty,” one hundred years! “Or until at least season ten!”

Since its 2013 début, “Rick and Morty” has garnered critical acclaim. The Adult Swim premiere of Season 7 on October 15 will feature ten new episodes.

Dan Stevens has been named the replacement for Roiland, who served as the main voice actor and co-creator of the Hulu animated comedy series “Solar Opposites.” Roiland previously provided the voice of the series’ protagonist, Korvo.

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