Secuoya Studios, based in Los Angeles and Madrid, along with Colombia’s Caracol Television, are now working together to develop, produce, and finance scripted shows throughout the course of the upcoming year. Secuoya Studios is led by former HBO executive James Costos.

The pact formalises an alliance between two of Latin America’s economic behemoths with ambitious worldwide goals. The flagship “Zorro” series from Secuoya Studios, produced by Javier Quintas of “Money Heist” and starring Miguel Bernardeau and Renata Notni from “Elite,” has been picked up by Amazon’s Prime Video and Mediawan.

Producer of enduring longer-format shows, Caracol TV’s “La Reina del Flow” Season 1 sold to over 100 countries; “El Rey; Vicente Fernandez” Season 1 debuted on Netflix on September 12 and immediately shot to No. 3 in the world’s non-English charts.

The partnership, which will be 50% owned by each partner, was announced on the night of the 2nd Iberseries & Platino Industria, a market, co-production forum, and conference centred in Madrid and running from September 27–30. In order to jointly negotiate foreign windows, Caracol TV and Secuoya will take up the rights for Colombia and Spain, respectively.

Caracol TV is a strong partner with a strong position in the international market thanks to the success of numerous titles, according to Costos of Secuoya Studios, who stressed the importance of creating synergies with the most well-known businesses in Latin America and the United States.

“We are fully certain that this framework agreement will have a favourable effect on the Spanish audiovisual industry and be the first in a long relationship of partnership,” Costos continued.

According to Lisette Osorio, vice president of international business at Caracol TV, “our agreement with Secuoya Studios, a reliable partner with a broad range of creative abilities, strengthens the steps we’ve taken in Spain’s market, and the great projects we see for the coming year fill us with enthusiasm.”

In addition, Osorio stated that “Caracol Television is committed to the creation of new story-telling techniques that might spark pertinent discussion in many locales. We are confident that we will astound the global market with projects that accomplish this goal and enthral audiences everywhere by working with Secuoya.

Projects up for consideration will be evaluated by a panel of Spanish and Colombian creative executives. Following idea development, chosen titles move on to pilot development. The partners stated on Monday that the best projects had been put into production.

Caracol has already taken steps to expand its production output and base, producing “El Rey” from Mexico, where it established a production base, Caracol Mexico, led by Catalina Porto, in October 2021. It has also formed a production partnership with The Mediapro Studio, the first product of which was a 60-episode cheerleader comedy musical that was showcased at NATPE in 2021.

However, Osorio’s remarks make a suggestion that shorter format shows may also be produced in the future.

The Caracol acquisition highlights one of Sequoya Studios’ primary long-term objectives, the company said on Monday, which is to forge strategic alliances with top international industry partners.

Secuoya Studios and Telemundo Streaming Studios announced their partnership at the first Iberseries & Platino Industria in September of last year. They will co-develop, co-produce, and co-finance several fiction projects through the year 2023.

The six-part series “Montecristo,” which stars Levy and was produced in the Canary Islands by Secuoya Studios, Sergio Pizzolante, Jeff Goldberg, and Pantaya and holds broadcast rights in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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