At the Giorgio Armani spring/summer 2023 show in Milan, Irina Shayk was one of the numerous VIP attendees (alongside stars like Cate Blanchett and Alessandra Ambrosio in the front row).

Shayk, however, stood out from the fashionable crowd with her distinctive front-row ensemble: she wore a traditional suit and tie that appeared to belong on New York’s Wall Street.

Shayk’s black suit, white button-up shirt, and slim black tie were undoubtedly suited for the Italian label’s show given that tailoring are typically one of their strong suits; yet, they are not typical fashion week outfits since glitzier gowns and heels are more common during this time.

Right down to the shoes, a clunky pair of black lace-up Oxfords, the model adopted a more menswear-inspired shape (perfect for jetting from show to show, mind you). Shayk’s stylish attire paid homage to timeless classics that would never go out of style.

Additionally, ties have been fully in style. What does this imply about the model’s current banker-chic phase? She only required a briefcase to be prepared to ring the stock market bell.

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