As more musicians pay homage to Coolio, who unfortunately passed away on Wednesday, 50 Cent now joins the group.

The New Yorker posted a video of Coolio giving him the thumbs-up for battling three guys on his preferred social networking site, Instagram. After receiving word that the “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper had passed away, 50 Cent published the statement.

On September 29, the successful television executive posted a video showing him hanging out with Coolio backstage in Europe. A funny story was told by Coolio.

He remarked, “One time I pulled up at this club, you were leaving, and there were three ns outside talking sh.” “There were three ns talking trash, and security was powerless to stop them. You responded, “I got this. You gave a small smile and asked, “What you say?” BAM! The man fell to the ground after sliding about seven feet.

Coolio also offered a story, saying that one of the men tried to flee but that 50 caught him by the hoodie and punched him once more, knocking him to the ground.

Another member of the crew then attempted to flee, but the “Window Shopper” rapper executed a Kung Fu technique on him, sending him to the ground along with the first person.

“I was in the limo and in the car. “Fif, you a cold n****!” I exclaimed. ‘What’s up, legend,’ you yelled. That stuff was burning. I’ll never forget what the speaker continued.

Tony Yayo, another member of G-Unit, also posted a video with Coolio from the same evening in which he expressed his sympathies to the West Coast legend.

At the time of his death on September 28 at the age of 59, Coolio was found dead on the toilet floor of a friend’s home in Los Angeles, according to his longtime manager, Jarez.

Despite the absence of an official cause of death, paramedics believe he had a heart arrest. Numerous hip-hop celebrities, such as Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Master P, Xzibit, MC Hammer, and Ice-T, have been sharing their memories of the late artist and paying tribute to him.

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