Todd Hoffman is an American TV personality. He is best known for “Gold Rush,” one of the most popular television programs. His father was a gold prospector, and the business even provided them with an opulent way of life to live.

Todd was motivated by this and was able to continue on his quest to find gold as a result. He has put a lot of effort into achieving this, which has greatly improved his life in terms of success and happiness.

We now have all the information you need about him if you want to discover more, specifically about his earnings background, career path, and overall current net worth.

A Summary Of Todd Hoffman’s Early life

Todd Hoffman Net Worth

Todd Hoffman was born on April 12, 1969, in Sandy, Oregon. He has a sister named Tamra who was born on January 1st, 1970. Georgia is his mother, and Jack Hoffman, another reality TV personality with a $4 million fortune, is his father.

Todd did well in school as a child and attended Portland Christian High School as an honors student. Devout Christian Hoffman attended William Jessup University after high school. He majored in Middle Eastern History in college. Later, he changed to Northwestern Christian University to pursue his communications degree.

Todd became familiar with mining at a young age thanks to the fact that his father was a gold prospector in the 1980s. Todd was motivated by Jack’s lifelong ambition to become a prosperous miner.

However, he first bought a small airfield in his hometown before attempting to pan for gold. It was how he intended to amass his wealth. But over time, the airport started to produce less and less.

What Is Todd Hoffman’s Net Worth?

Todd Hoffman is a gold prospector and reality television star from the United States with a $7 million dollar net worth.

Net Worth:$7 Million

He is well-known for appearing in the reality television program “Gold Rush,” which debuted on the Discovery Channel in December 2010. When he was still a cast member, he received $50,000 every episode. He hasn’t yet revealed the cost of each episode of his new show.

Of course, he makes money from the gold his company has discovered. Now, his numerous business endeavors account for the lion’s share of his revenue.

A Career Summary For Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman career

Hoffman had owned an aviation company in Oregon, but after it collapsed, he chose to hunt for employment in an unorthodox field.

Mr. Hoffman made the decision to assemble a group of six friends who were also facing unemployment and go to Porcupine Creek, Alaska, after being inspired by his father, a former gold prospector who had mined for gold in the 1980s.

Their objectives were to find gold and found a new community in the forest where they could all live simply and “off the grid.”

The Discovery Channel’s reality series “Riches Rush” chronicles their quest for gold. The first season premiered in December 2010, and in October 2017, the eighth season began. Initially known as “Gold Rush Alaska,” the program changed its name after moving to the Yukon, Canada, for season two.

Hoffman and a few of his fellow cast members have even gone gold panning outside of Alaska in secluded regions of Guyana, Chile, and Peru. Hoffman is the 316 Mining company’s owner and manager.

His father’s 1980s gold mining exploits served as his initial source of motivation for starting the company.

Additionally, from 2013 to 2016, he appeared in the reality television series Gold Rush: The Dirt and Gold Rush: South America. In March 2022, the show’s 12th season has already started broadcasting.

Personal Life Of Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman personal life

Todd is married to Shawana Hoffman. They have been a couple for more than 24 years. Hudson and Hunter are the couple’s two kids. On occasion, Hunter appears on reality TV alongside his father. Todd enjoys automobiles and also owns a travel trailer.


Todd Hoffman is an American reality television star and gold prospector who has a net worth of $7 million dollars. He is well-known for appearing in the reality television program “Gold Rush,” which debuted on the Discovery Channel in December 2010.

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