Albert Modane, a popular rapper, and songwriter from the United States was previously known as Sauce Walka. One of the world’s up-and-coming rappers, Sauce, rose to prominence after releasing the viral diss song Wack 2 Wack. The attention of numerous well-known musicians was also attracted by this songwriter.

In addition, he runs the independent record company TSF (The Sauce Factory). Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are just a few of the social media platforms where Walka is active.

Early Years

On June 29, 1990, in Houston, Texas, Sauce Walka, previously Albert Modane, was born. He didn’t always see his father because of his professional wrestling career.

Walka’s mother, who suffered greatly from drug addiction, reared him mostly. He turned to the streets as a result of having a chaotic upbringing.

From a young age, he was a member of the Blood gang and depended on his street grit to support himself.

After running into Sancho Saucy, they decided to use rap to communicate their hardship. A career in rap and financial independence for Sauce Walka would begin with this.

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Net Worth 2022 of Sauce Walka

Sauce Walka Net Worth

Sauce Walka‘s wealth was estimated to be $3 million as of September 2022. Record sales, features, and tour dates bring him the bulk of his income.

Additionally, The Sauce Factory, his record label, is home to over twenty musicians. As the label expands, Sauce Walka’s riches will increase as well. He has established himself as a household name.


Using the alias A-Walk at first, Sauce Walka began his rap career back in 2007. He was at the time a part of the Houston rap crew Mostheard.

He began pursuing a career in music in 2014 by putting out a number of mixtapes and taking his hobby more seriously. Together with his friend and fellow rapper Sancho Saucy, Walka founded the band Sauce Twinz in the same year.

2014 saw the release of In Sauce We Trust, Walka’s debut mixtape. The rapper released his second mixtape, Sorry 4 The Sauce, the following year, and became well-known in Houston as a result. Two more mixtapes, Don’t Let The Sauce Fool U and Sauce Theft Auto: Splash Andreas, was released by him in 2015.

Sauce Walka Net Worth

The mixtapes Walka released include Holy Sauce 2016, Sorry 4 The Sauce 3 2016, The Sauce Father 2017, Drip God 2018, Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2018, New Sauce City 2019, Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2 2019, Lost In the Sauce 2020, Sauce Train 2021, Birdz Hunt Snakes 2021, Sauce R&B 2021, God of Texas 2021, and Drill Spill, which was released on November 16, 2021.

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And in 2014, Walka established The Sauce Factory, a small independent record label (TSF). A number of well-known performers, including Drippy, El Trainn, Sauce Gohan, Rizzoo Rizzoo, Sauce Hogg, Shackz B, Voochie P, and Sancho Saucy, are connected to this record company.

The rapper first gained notoriety when he released the smash hit tune Wack 2 Wack, which was directed at Drake of Canada.

Then, Walka had the chance to collaborate with renowned rappers and singers like Migos, Travis Scott, and many others. From the time he was a teenager and when he first started his career, the rapper has always been passionate about his work.

He emerged as one of Houston’s most well-known rappers in 2022 and has since gained widespread recognition for both his hit singles and his collaborative efforts.

An Accusation of Gang Membership Against Sauce Walka

Sauce Walka Net Worth

In 2009, gang activity on the part of Mundane was alleged. He was purported to be a member of the “Mash Mode” street gang. According to reports, he was a gang member who went by the name “A-Walk.”

Sauce responded by stating that he is solely recognized as a record label and not a member of a gang in order to disprove the allegations. As he wasn’t what he was accused of, he vowed he would keep rapping.

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Personal Life

Even though Sauce Walka claimed he doesn’t think he’ll ever get married, it’s clear that he loves the dating scene. A woman by the name of Bambi Doe is allegedly dating the young artist. According to rumors, she is a $2 million per year Only Fan model.

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