Salman Rushdie, a British author of Indian ancestry, is widely regarded for both his essays and novels.

He went into exile at one time in his career because of the outrage he caused with his politically and religiously charged works. And only later, in August of 2022, he was stabbed in New York.

Personal Information

NameSalman Rushdie
Net Worth$15 Million
Annual Salary$4 million
Age75 Years Old
CountryUnited States
Last Updated2022

Early Life

salman rushdie net worth

On June 19, 1947, in what was then called Bombay (now Mumbai), India, Ahmed Salman Rushdie entered the world. Anis Ahmed Rushdie, his father, is a lawyer-turned-businessman who attended Cambridge, and Negin Bhatt, his mother, is an educator.

His dad lost his job in the Indian Civil Service (ICS) after they realized the birth certificate he had submitted had been tampered with to make him look younger. Three of Rushdie’s sisters also live.

Rushdie attended the Cathedral and the John Connon School in Fort, South Bombay, where he spent his formative years. Soon after, he uprooted to England, where he completed his BA in history at King’s College, Cambridge, after attending Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire.

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Career as Novelist

Rushdie published his debut novel, Grimus, in 1975. The plot, which combines elements of fantasy and science fiction, centers on a young Native American man who drinks a mystical fluid and acquires the power of immortality.

Both the general people and the press largely paid it no mind at the time. In 1981, with the publication of “Midnight’s Children,” Rushdie achieved widespread acclaim.

The protagonist of the book is a kid who, by virtue of being born at the stroke of midnight on India’s independence day, receives unique abilities and bonds with other kids who were born at the same time.

The novel became an instant bestseller and helped catapult its author to literary superstardom. After this, in 1983, Rushdie published “Shame,” which finished as a close second for the Booker Prize.

Rushdie’s most divisive work, “The Satanic Verses,” was published in 1988. The book received rave reviews from critics but was widely condemned by Muslims who saw it as an insult to their faith. More information is provided below.

The Moor’s Last Sigh, published in 1995, was Rushdie’s next novel and a family epic spanning a century of Indian history.

Thereafter came “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” (1999), “Fury” (2001) (set in New York City), and “Shalimar the Clown” (2005) (with scenes in both Kashmir and Los Angeles). The Enchantress of Florence,” “The Golden House,” and “Quichotte” are all works by Rushdie.

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“The Satanic Verses” Controversy and Fatwā

salman rushdie net worth

Protests broke out all over the Islamic world after the release of “The Satanic Verses,” which has been widely criticized for its blasphemous portrayal of the prophet Muhammad.

There were arson attacks on bookstores and public protests at which Muslim communities throughout the West burned copies of the book in front of the public. Attacks on, and the deaths of, those engaged in the novel’s publication and translation were common.

Furthermore, countries including India, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya, Singapore, and South Africa, all of which have sizable Muslim populations, have banned “The Satanic Verses.” Eventually, Ayatollah Khomeini, the then-leader of Iran, issued a fatwa directing the killing of Rushdie in February of 1989. So for many years, Rushdie was confined to a safe house staffed by police officers.

An attempted rapprochement between Iran and the United Kingdom, which had severed ties with Tehran after the fatwa controversy, began in the late 1990s. It wasn’t until 2005,

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated Khomeini’s fatwa. Several years later, in 2010, Al-Qaeda allegedly listed Rushdie on a death list of people who had offended Islam.


In addition to the Harvard University award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Cultural Humanism, Rushdie has also been honored with the European Union’s Aristeion Prize for Literature, Germany’s Write of the Year Award, the Golden PEN Award, and the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award. In June of 2007, the Queen honored Rushdie with the title of “Sir” for his contributions to literature.

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Personal Life

salman rushdie net worth

Rushdie’s first wife, Arts Council of England literature officer Clarissa Luard, and he had their son Zafar in 1976. (b. 1980). The pair, however, split up in 1987.

In 1988, he wed the American novelist Marianne Wiggins; the couple later split up in 1993. Rushdie had a son named Milan in 1999 with his wife Elizabeth West, an author and editor he was married to from 1997 to 2004.

Padma Lakshmi, Rushdie’s fourth wife, is an Indian American actress, model, and host of the American reality cooking show Top Chef. They tied the knot in 2004, but Lakshmi ended the marriage two years later. Even though no official declaration has been made, there were 2008 rumors that Rushdie was dating Indian beauty Riya Sen.

What Is Salman Rushdie’s Net Worth in 2022?

Salman Rushdie’s debut novel was released in 1975. He was born in India in June 1947. He first published his novel Midnight’s Children in 1981, which went on to win him critical acclaim and the Booker Prize; in 2012, he converted the novel into a screenplay.

In spite of the success of his third novel, Shame, his fourth, The Satanic Verses, was widely panned upon its 1988 release. British Muslim leaders condemned the book, and by 1989 the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the spiritual and political leader of Iran, had a death warrant out for Rushdie’s head. The writer had no choice but to go into hiding.

Even when he was on the run, Rushdie kept writing. In 1991, he published Imaginary Homelands, in 1990 he published Haroun and the Sea of Stories, in 1994 he published East, West, and in 1995 he published The Moor’s Last Sigh.

Once he was no longer required to remain incognito, he resumed publishing works of fiction.

His personal life includes a 2004 wedding to Top Chef anchor Padma Lakshmi and a 2007 divorce.

If we fast forward to the year 2022, how much money does Salman Rushdie have? As of this year, he is worth roughly $15 million, according to The Richest.

When did Salman Rushdie come out of hiding?

In spite of his enormous financial success as a writer and public speaker, Salman Rushdie was in grave danger for expressing his thoughts. According to The Guardian, he disappeared in 1989 and remained hidden at a farmhouse in rural Wales for a long time. Rushdie took the name Joseph Anton when he was in hiding. In 2012, he released a memoir with his pseudonym as the title.

In 1989 and 1990, Rushdie apologized for The Satanic Verses, but his words were ignored. As early as 1997, then-Iranian president Sayyid Mohammad Khatami had pleaded with the international community to let Rushdie live; yet, he did not come out of hiding in any significant way until 2001.

In September of 2001, Rushdie began making more public appearances and stopped using a pseudonym. The author of The Satanic Verses claims to have no qualms about the decision to publish it.

Consequently, in 2016, 40 Iranian state-run media outlets still called for Rushdie’s execution. They decided to maintain the bounty, and even increase it to $600,000. In the aftermath, Rushdie continued to be under police protection.

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