Michael Knighton (born 4 October 1951) is an English businessman, well known for his participation in Manchester United and Carlisle United football clubs.

In 1989, Knighton rose to attention after he failed in a £20 million offer to purchase Manchester United. This led to him being appointed to the club’s board of directors.

What Is Michael Knighton’s Net Worth?

Net worth:£5.8 million ($7m)
Source of wealth:Real estate, property
Date of birth:October 4, 1951

Knighton is estimated to be Worth $5.8 Million Dollars. For comparison’s sake, the Glazer family, who currently holds ownership of Manchester United, has a combined worth of £3.9 billion ($4.7bn).

What Are Michael Knighton’s Business Interests?

Knighton, who was born in Derbyshire in October 1951, spent his formative years dreaming of a career on the football field.

Willie Layton, his great-great-grandfather, played for the Sheffield Wednesday club that won the league in 1903 and 1904 and the FA Cup in 1907.

michael knighton net worth

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Knighton spent time on the books with Coventry City as a trainee, but suffered a catastrophic thigh injury that cut his promising career to an end.

In 1976, after completing his academic studies, the choice was decided to get into education and he became a geography and physical education instructor at a school in Huddersfield.

He rose through the ranks to become the school’s headmaster before deciding to purchase the institution in 1983. He retired the following year to focus on his real estate business. It is in that field that he has generated much of his personal wealth.

What Has Michael Knighton Said About a Man UTD Takeover?

Back in August 1989, Knighton famously came to the pitch at Old Trafford to partake in some keepie-uppies when it was disclosed that his £20m ($24m) takeover proposal had been accepted by then chief executive Martin Edwards.

He said he’d spend a lot of money upgrading United’s historic stadium and signing new players.

It never went through, and once Knighton bought Carlisle United in 1992, he spent the next decade presiding over a club whose dissatisfied fan base made him a convenient scapegoat.

As growing resistance to the Glazer family has prompted him to return to the Red Devils’ ownership race, he recently told Man Utd The Religion, “We are a club in crisis and we all know the reason why.” Our ownership is a bunch of idiots that don’t know the first thing about football and are completely useless.

Bringing in new ownership for the football club is a priority for me, and that is one of my main goals. I’ve gotten some solid financial backing and promises from the people, and things are moving forward nicely.

We’re in the process of drafting the offer paperwork at the moment. To reiterate, this is a hostile bid, which essentially implies the club isn’t up for sale at this time.

But my goal is to provide these owners with a legal, compelling, and commercial offer that effectively says, “You’ve reached the end of the road; depart now; your tenure here has expired.”

We need to get our football club out from under this ownership because they have had their time, the clock is ticking, and they have given us nothing but disappointment for the past 17 years. It’s high time they left.

What Is the Current State of His Relationships? Does He Have a Wife? Children?

michael knighton net worth

Michael’s sole true love is his lovely wife Rosemary Knighton, with whom he plans to spend the rest of his life.

The couple has become the legal guardians of a small boy and girl. He does not make much of an effort to publicize his family life, thus you won’t find any photos of his wife or kids on any of the celebrity photo-sharing sites. Next, we’ll move on to the aftermath of football.

Since retiring from football, Knighton has focused on other artistic pursuits, such as painting, sculpture, and poetry.

Some of Knighton’s sculptures and paintings were displayed in King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, in 2008.

Three different takes on Jesus’ death on the cross were shown in the piece. The former football player, Knighton, hid his identity by playing under the moniker “Kongthin Pearlmich,” a near-anagram of his real name.

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michael knighton net worth

Newspaper coverage of the event included the following headline: “Canterbury Cathedral given Christ sculpture ‘worth £70 million. Because Sotheby’s and Christie’s experts claimed they were unfamiliar with the artist, it was impossible to confirm the sculpture’s value.

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