The prestigious British family is admired throughout innumerable nations, whether you admire them for their well-established birthrights or their wide range of leadership characteristics.

Power, notoriety, and probably most crucially, wealth, are all attributes that royals appear to possess. The British royal family has a large amount of money, which includes enormous oil supplies and sizeable philanthropic contributions.

Surprisingly, the royal family is all well-off on their own, thus the majority of the money used to support the British monarchy doesn’t actually come from the taxpayer. These royals are able to splurge on the finer things in life because of the sum total of their inheritances, crown estates, and allowances.

Although we are unable to personally partake in the opulent array of priceless jewels, exquisite artwork, and vast expanses of land that make up their lifestyle, we can enjoy their enormous net worths while sipping on a cup of herbal tea—of course with our pinkies raised in the air. These royal etiquette guidelines will make anyone appear regal, even though none of us can match the royal wallet.

13. Princess Beatrice: $1 Million

royal family  net worth

Princess Beatrice has a full-time job in business and devotes a significant amount of her time and energy to numerous causes. She has supported organizations like the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, the English National Ballet School, the Broomwood African Education Foundation, and the Berkshire Community Foundation.

Beatrice, the eldest child of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and Sarah Ferguson, gave birth to her first child, Sienna Elizabeth, on September 18, 2021, together with husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

12. Princess Eugenie: $1 Million

royal family net worth

On October 12, 2018, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank exchanged vows in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, the first child of the couple, was born to her in February.

Although Brooksbank held a position as an ambassador for Casamigos tequila, the Daily Mail claimed in August that he had accepted a position with his father’s company, Pangaea Land And Property Limited.

Her estimated wealth of $10 million is reportedly held in trusts established by her grandparents, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Queen Mother, as well as a trust established by her separated parents.

Eugenie makes money on her own as well. She has degrees in both English literature and art history, and she has experience working as an associate director at an art gallery in London.

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11. Queen Consort, Camilla Parker Bowles: $5 Million

royal family net worth

Camilla Parker Bowles is officially known as Camilla, Queen Consort. She has been married to Charles since April 2005 and there is not believed to have been a prenuptial agreement. According to reports, Parker Bowles is a good-hearted, modest person who carries her own cash.

She devotes the majority of her time to charitable work that supports a range of issues, such as animal welfare, preventing sexual assault and cancer, promoting literacy, assisting the less fortunate, and charities headquartered in Cornwall.

10. Prince Andrew’s Net Worth: $5 million

royal family net worth

A member of the British royal family with $5 million fortune is Prince Andrew. At Buckingham Palace in London on February 19, 1960, he was given the name Andrew Albert Christian Edward. He is Queen Elizabeth II’s second son and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s third child.

Andrew, who is also known as the Duke of York, is currently ninth in line to the British throne. At the moment, he trails his brother Charles, his nephew William, William and Kate’s three kids, his nephew Harry, and then Harry and Megan’s two kids.

Andrew was the second in line to the throne at the time of his birth and up until the birth of his brother, Prince William, in 1982.

In addition to his royal duties, Andrew was a helicopter instructor and pilot with the Royal Navy, participating in numerous sorties during the Falklands War.

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9. Kate Middleton: $7 to $10 Million

royal family net worth

Although Kate Middleton’s tale has frequently been misrepresented as a rags-to-riches rise to royalty, the truth is that her family owned significant assets worth a total of $50 million.

Prince Charles also covers her official staff and wardrobe expenses, some of her travel costs are frequently funded by the nations she visits, and most of this comes from an online party supply company called Party Pieces, which Breakthrough Branding has dubbed “the U.K.’s leading online and catalog party company.”

This means she gets to keep most of her personal money in the bank—one of the many benefits of having a prince for a husband, we assume. Although her savings net worth has been estimated to be between $7 million and $10 million, she is thought to have a significantly bigger national net worth due to garment sales and tourism income.

In any event, it is rumored that once Prince Charles assumes the throne, she and her spouse Prince William’s combined wealth will rise.

8. Princess Anne’s Net Worth: $10 million

royal family net worth

Royal Anne is a British princess with a $10 million net worth. The only child of the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne is their only daughter.

She was a champion equestrian earlier in her life and the first British royal to take part in Olympic competition. More than 300 organizations have benefited from Anne’s royal efforts as a patron, with the majority of her charitable work going toward advancing research, education, health, sport, and disability rights.

7. Prince Edward Net Worth: $10 Million

royal family net worth

The youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. Prince Edward has a $10 million net worth. He currently holds the 13th position in the line of succession for the crown.

He was third in line to the throne for the majority of his life, after his older brothers Prince Andrew and Prince Charles.

After graduating from college and serving for a short time in the Royal Marines, he worked as an assistant in theatre and television production before starting his own business, Ardent Productions. Edward left the business in 2002 to take on full-time responsibilities as a member of the royal family.

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6. Lady Diana’s Net Worth: $25 Million

royal family net worth

At the time of her passing, Lady Diana, a British princess, and philanthropist had a net worth of $25 million. When Lady Diana started dating Charles, Prince of Wales, she rose to fame on a global scale.

She was born Diana Spencer, a member of the illustrious British aristocratic Spencer family, which has long been intertwined with the Royal family. In Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, England, she was born in 1961. Lady Diana was born into a family of aristocrats.

Her mother was the Honorable Frances Roche, and her father was John Spencer, Viscount Althorp. When her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer in 1975, she became known as Lady Diana. Lady Diana relocated to London to work as a nursery assistant after completing her studies at the Institut Alpin Videmanette in Switzerland.

In the 1980s, she started dating Prince Charles while they were both attending a polo match there. He made the marriage proposal in February 1981. Prior to relocating to Buckingham Palace, Lady Diana resigned her employment to stay at Clarence House. On July 29, 1981, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, she married Charles, then 20 years old.

They traveled extensively on their honeymoon, stopping in Egypt, Tunisia, and Greece, among other places. In November 1981, Lady Diana made her first pregnancy announcement. On June 21, 1982, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis was born.

Prince Henry Charles Albert Davis, Lady Diana’s second child with Charles, was born two years later. Diana spent a lot of time working with leprosy and AIDS groups as the Princess of Wales, among other causes. She soon worked with more than a hundred different nonprofits. Diana’s marriage to Charles had deteriorated by the early 1990s.

5. Prince Philip: $30 Million (at Time of Death)

royal family net worth

Although Philip Mountbatten married Princess Elizabeth in November 1947, five years before she was crowned Queen Elizabeth II, he never assumed the title of king despite having royal blood and adhering to the long-standing laws and conventions of the monarchy.

Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark was born; his parents were Princess Alice of Battenburg and Prince Andrew of Greece. In 1947, when he gave up his royal titles and became a British subject, he took the surname Mountbatten.

Prince Philip, his wife’s fourth cousin, served in the British Royal Navy from 1939 and 1953. He received his Royal Airforce Wings in 1953 and amassed more than 5,900 flight hours over a 44-year period, making him a skilled pilot as well. At age 99, he passed away in April 2019.

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4. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Net Worth

royal family net worth

Worth approximately $60 million.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have relocated to the United States and are financially independent of the Crown since they stood down as senior members of the royal family.

Their current estimated net worth, which includes the equity in their California house, is roughly $10 million, according to Forbes. According to rumors, Prince Harry helped his family move using the $10 million inheritance he received from his late mother, Princess Diana.

However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are working on initiatives that will increase their wealth. They have a five-year, $100 million deal with Netflix and a three-year, $15 million to $18 million podcasting pact with Spotify.

3. Prince William: $100 million

royal family net worth

First in line to the throne and the eldest child of King Charles III and the late Princess Diana is Prince William. The future king inherited around $12.3 million from Diana’s estate on his 30th birthday in 2012, which accounts for a sizable percentage of his wealth.

William received Charles’ billion-dollar real estate empire when his grandmother passed away. The personal income of the Duchy of Cornwall is between $20 to $30 million annually.

King Edward III established the Duchy of Cornwall, which consists of more than 130,000 acres of land, in 1337. There are farms, houses, and other buildings, as well as undeveloped territories like rivers and coastlines.

According to its website, the Duchy strives to maintain the estate “in a way that is sustainable, financially successful, and of substantial benefit to the local community.”

Prince William was employed by East Anglian Air Ambulance as a helicopter pilot despite the wealth of the British royal family. The prince now works full-time as a royal after donating his whole $62,000 yearly pay to charity.

He and his wife, Kate Middleton, are the parents of three children, including 8-year-old Prince George, who will succeed his father and grandfather as king. They also hold the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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2. King Charles III: $600 Million

royal family net worth

After his mother’s passing, the newly crowned King Charles III inherited the nearly $28 billion in assets that belonged to the Crown Estate as well as Buckingham Palace, the Duchy of Lancaster, the Duchy of Cornwall, Kensington Palace, and the Crown Estate Scotland, bringing his estimated net worth to $600 million.

Charles used to receive a personal income of $20–$30 million yearly from the Duchy of Cornwall, which has now been transferred to William.

1. Elizabeth II: $600 Million (at Time of Death)

royal family net worth

According to Forbes, Queen Elizabeth II can credit her investments in jewelry, fine art, and her two privately owned homes, Sandringham House and Balmoral Castle, for her personal riches.

She also held almost $28 billion in Crown Estate assets, including Buckingham Palace, the Duchy of Lancaster, the Duchy of Cornwall, Kensington Palace, and the Crown Estate Scotland, in addition to these other properties.

Although the royal family does receive 25% of the income from the Crown Estate, according to Forbes, she cannot sell these assets. The British treasury receives the remainder. For instance, in the financial year that ends on March 31, 2020.

Profits for the Crown Estate totaled more than $475 million. According to Forbes, the roughly $120 million set aside for the royals covered official costs like travel, salary, security, and other things.

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