Bob Johnson, the initial human character on the enduring children’s television program Sesame Street, was portrayed by American actor, singer, musician, and author Robert Emmett McGrath.

Sesame Street viewers are mourning the passing of Bob Johnson, the local music teacher who always had the perfect piece of wisdom to share.

As Bob Johnson, Bob McGrath was a member of the show’s original cast. He sadly passed away on December 4, 2022. What was Bob McGrath’s net worth at the time of his passing?

What Is Bob Mc Grath’s Net Worth?

Bob Mcgrath Net Worth
Net Worth:$2 Million
Date of Birth:Jun 13, 1932 (90 years old)
Place of Birth:Ottawa
Profession:Actor, Writer
Nationality:United States of America

Bob McGrath is a $2 million-dollar American singer, musician, actor, author, and voice actor. His most well-known performance was as Bob Johnson on the Sesame Street television program. Since its inception in 1969, the Sesame Series has included him in more than 200 episodes.

Two of the longest-running human characters on the show were McGrath and Susan, who is portrayed by Sesame Street’s Loretta Long. He would not be coming back in 2016, but he will still show up at public events, it was stated.

McGrath continues to represent Sesame Street, and the program was thinking about bringing him back. He collaborated with Mitch Miller for five seasons and had an appearance on the TV show Sing Along with Mitch.

In Japan, McGrath would rise to fame as a recording artist. He has authored several books for kids and frequently appeared on the Telemiracle telethon.

Star Of “Sesame Street” Bob Mc Grath Died On December 4, 2022

Millions of people were won over by Sesame Street, and Bob McGrath’s portrayal of Bob Johnson contributed to the program’s lasting reputation. CNN reports that on December 4, 2022, McGrath passed away due to complications from a stroke. At 90 years old, he was.

“The family of McGrath has some bad news to offer. Bob McGrath, our father, passed away today. His family said on Facebook that he passed away quietly at home while being surrounded by them.

Additionally, Sesame Workshop tweeted about Bob McGrath’s passing. “A founding cast member, Bob embodied the melodies of Sesame Street like no one else, and his performances brought joy and wonder to generations of children around the world … whether teaching them the ABCs, the people in their neighborhood, or the simple joy of feeling the music in their hearts,” the tweet thread reads. “… We will be forever grateful for his many years of passionate creative contributions to Sesame Street and honored that he shared so much of his life with us.”

House, Career, And Family of Bob McGrath

Bob Mcgrath Net Worth

McGrath had lived in Bergen County, New Jersey, for 59 years as of 2019. He had spent more than 60 years there by the time of his death.

He initially resided in Teaneck. Then, in 2017, he and his wife Ann Logan Sperry relocated to Norwood, where they now reside in what North Jersey calls a “handsome ranch house.”

He has also had a second, equally significant address for a significant portion of that time, the source continues, “a street where sunny days wash the clouds away.”

Sesame Street was without a doubt the most important thing in McGrath’s life, she said, according to the website.

He served in the army before joining the show. McGrath, who is originally from Ottawa, Illinois, first attended the University of Michigan to study music before serving two years playing with the Seventy Army Symphony Orchestra there. He graduated with a master of music in voice from the Manhattan School of Music in 1959.


Bob McGrath is a $2 million-dollar American singer, musician, actor, author, and voice actor. Although he had other sources of money as well, he will have made a large portion of it through his work on the show.

McGrath appeared on Telemiracle, a telethon broadcast from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, on a regular basis for 38 years. Several children’s novels, including Uh Oh!, were also written by him. Must depart! Also, OOPS! Please Excuse Me!

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