Bob Johnson, the original human character on the enduring children’s television program Sesame Street, was portrayed by American actor, singer, musician, and author Robert Emmett McGrath. 

Bob McGrath, an actor who spent more than half of his life portraying a resident on Sesame Street and gave the popular children’s program a human face throughout the course of 47 seasons of broadcast television, passed away on Sunday, according to his family. He was 90

Let’s examine his condition and Bob McGrath’s cause of death in more detail.

Cause Of Death For Bob McGrath

Bob Mcgrath Cause Of Death

Up until his death at the age of 90, Bob McGrath was a well-known cast member of Sesame Street. After making his television debut in the first episode of the storied children’s program in 1969, McGrath was one of the show’s initial human stars.

His family announced his death on Facebook on Sunday, informing everyone of his passing. “Our father Bob McGrath passed away today,” they declared. He passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by his loved ones. His daughter Cat McGrath revealed to NPR that her father passed away as a result of complications following a stroke.

McGrath made his debut on the program and remained a fixture for an incredible 47 further seasons.

In the 2017 episode “Having A Ball,” he made his farewell appearance. He was regarded as an experienced cast member and was one of the few human grownups on the program. McGrath has five children and three grandchildren in addition to his wife Ann.

Social Media Paid Tribute To Bob McGrath’s Death

In a Twitter thread, The Sesame Workshop paid respect to McGrath’s nearly five decades of involvement with the program.

McGrath’s nearly 50 years of contribution to the program were celebrated in a Sesame Workshop Twitter thread.

The statement stated, in part, that Bob was a “founding cast member” who “embodied the songs of Sesame Street like no one else, and his performances brought joy and wonder to generations of children around the world.”

“We are thrilled that he shared so much of his life with us and will be eternally thankful for his many years of passionately creative contributions to Sesame Street.”

Following his debut in the “Sesame Street” pilot in 1969, McGrath played Bob Johnson on the program for 47 seasons till departing in 2017, but he continued to speak on behalf of the program on other occasions.


At the age of 90, BOB McGrath, who portrayed one of the show’s initial human characters, passed away.

On Sunday, a message on McGrath’s official Facebook page revealed the devastating news, which was shared by his family.

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