Who is Michael Gerson?

Michael Gerson wrote about topics as varied as President Donald Trump’s disruptive control of the GOP and his own battles with depression.

Gerson holds the position of senior adviser at One, a group fighting extreme poverty and preventable diseases. Gerson served as the assistant for policy and strategic planning under President George W. Bush until 2006.

Following his work as a speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Michael Gerson examined conservative politics and faith as a columnist for the Washington Post.

Michael gerson

As an Christian, Mr. Gerson wrote with a focus on religious and moral imagery. Bush’s character as a leader who is forthright about his Christian beliefs complemented Mr. Gerson’s writing style.

The employment of religious concepts of a higher force and light vs. darkness was a point of agreement between Mr. Gerson and Mr. Bush.

They saw such rhetoric as a continuation of earlier conflicts, such as the abolitionist campaign.

How did he pass away?

Gerson preached as a guest and gave an explanation of why he had declined an earlier invitation to speak before worshippers at Washington’s National Cathedral.

In his sermon, he noted that sadness “may grow inside you like a tumour over time.” Ironically enough cancer-related complications were the cause of death.

He kept writing until a month before his death, focusing his final few essays on the Republican Party’s racism and the necessity of using global health initiatives to combat COVID-19.

Michael gerson and his two sons

But as time went on, he also began to write about his life in greater detail. His essays about sending a kid to college and his devotion to his dog were among his most read.

Gerson is survived by his wife, Dawn, and their two sons, Michael and Nicholas.

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