I Am Being Raised by the Villains With Chapter 38 rapidly approaching, supporters are hoping for a speedy release. Across the globe, one of Eunhyung’s most well-known pieces is I’m Being Raised by Villains. This comic blends romance, ikekai, and adventure, so it’s bound to make everyone happy.

I Am Being Raised by the Villains

As we discover more about the life of the main character, we witness drama and changes everywhere. Because each narrative leads us to something exciting, the reader gets the impression that they are actually in that environment.

Release Date of Chapter 38 of I Am Being Raised by the Villains

Everyone wants to know when “I Am Being Raised by the¬†Villains” will release its next installment. Mark September 11, 2023, in your calendars, because that’s when it drops!

Release Date of Chapter 38 of I Am Being Raised by the Villains

Here is the list of different time zones:

Time ZoneDateTime
Japan Standard TimeSeptember 11, 202312:00 (noon)
Central TimeSeptember 11, 202310:00
Eastern Standard TimeSeptember 11, 202310:00
Indian Standard TimeSeptember 11, 202320:30
Korean Standard TimeSeptember 11, 202312:00 (noon)
Australia TimeSeptember 11, 202311:00
Bangkok TimeSeptember 11, 202320:00

Chapter 38 Raw Scans: I Am Being Raised by The Villains

Fans can’t wait for the upcoming installment. Because of the massive cliffhanger in the final chapter, they are constantly searching for the raw scans and inquiring about them. We are unable to release any raw scans at this time.

Chapter 38 Raw Scans: I Am Being Raised by The Villains

We are aggressively searching for the raw scans, but we are unsure of what will happen next because everything is still under wraps. Check back often for updates on spoilers. However, Chapter 26 of Solo Farming in the Tower is available as raw scans.

Spoilers for I Am Being Raised by the Villains Chapter 38

We apologize, but as of right now, there are no spoilers for the upcoming chapter. We recognize that everyone is eager to learn what will happen next.

Spoilers are usually published one or two days before to the release of a new chapter. So be sure to return often and get ready to find out what happens in the upcoming chapter. Additionally, keep an eye out for the spoilers in Infinite Mage Chapter 49 and Surviving The Game As A Barbarian Chapter 29.

Chapter 37 Recap: I am Being Raised by the Villains

In the preceding chapter, Aileen complied with her father’s request to accompany him home. However, she discovered en route that she was the only member of her family. Sensing isolation,¬†she boldly begged her father to assist in rescuing the demons from the auction place. She thankfully made it out of there without incident and returned to the Terem Family.

Chapter 37 Recap: I am Being Raised by the Villains

She was happy that the demons were secure even though she discovered the auction house had vanished when she arrived home. Still, Rousillion frightened her as well. She looked everywhere, but she couldn’t find him. The most important query is: Will Rousillon locate her?

Where to Read Chapter 38 of I Am Being Raised by the Villains

You knew where to look but couldn’t figure out how to read the chapter. That’s why we’re here to direct your gaze. The well-known website Kakao has the complete chapter available for reading. The thrilling manga Blue Box Chapter 115 will also appeal to you.


The captivating manga series “I’m Being Raised By The Villains” was created by Ja Eunhyang and illustrated by Lee Asong. This story captivates readers who look forward to each new chapter by fusing the ideas of beginning over in a new environment with fantasy and romantic aspects. September 11, 2023, is when the next installment is scheduled to be released.

Mark your calendars for when Aileen’s journey to aid the demons continues. Fans will be anticipating it. While spoilers and raw scans are currently hard to come by, readers can follow the story on Kakao to stay up to speed and fully immerse themselves. See popular news buzz and bookmark it for more updates about manga.

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